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Start Date 2011-00-00
Amount 250,000 USD
Goods Local Who won millions in Walton Foundation grants in 2011 Interested in this story? Use this button () to add it to your Reading List. Add to list By Valerie StraussMarch 7, 2012 The pro-charter Walton Foundation handed out more than $159 million in 2011 in 16 metropolitan areas around the country to promote school choice. It also committed to giving $49.5 million to Teach for America over five years to double its teaching corps and $25.5 million over the same period to the KIPP charter school network to double the number of students it educates. The foundation is one of the three big family education philanthropies — the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation are the other two — and the one that gives the most money to initiatives involving the school choice movement, such as vouchers and charter schools. The overall sum for 2011 was a few million more than the foundation handed out in 2010. The largest single grant given last year was $22.9 million to the Charter School Growth Fund, a non-profit venture capital fund that invests in charters. The second single largest award went to Teach for America — $12.6 million in its first installment of the multiyear grant, and the next largest was $11 million to The Children’s Scholarship Fund, a school voucher organization. The foundation’s strategy is clear from the grants: It is funding organizations that it thinks can help scale charter schools quickly and rapidly increase the pool of voucher students. It concentrated on 16 regions of the country in 2011, nine more than in 2010. Los Angeles topped the list, winning $9,643,100; the next largest amount — $8,370,944 — went to Washington D.C. The third multi-year initiative announced in 2011 was $15 million to the California Charter Schools Association, with the goal of getting 100,000 more children into charter schools over three years. Its 2011 grant was for $3.2 million; KIPP’s was $6.4 million. Here is a breakdown on how the foundation spent money on education-related initiatives in 2011, and, after that, a list of all 2011 grantees. The breadth of grantees shows the foundation’s reach and impact. By Initiative Shaping Public Policy — $58,122,888 Creating Quality Schools — $73,450,647 Improving Existing Schools — $26,050,991 Research and Evaluation Grants — $1,425,339 Top Grantees Charter School Growth Fund — $22,900,000 Teach For America (National) — $12,572,500 Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) — $6,783,114 KIPP Foundation —$6,404,020 GreatSchools Inc — $4,775,000 Total Number of 2011 Grantees — 216 Grant Totals by Investment Site Alphabetically Albany — $3,012,425 Atlanta — $2,520,000 Boston — $2,999,415 Chicago — $3,023,393 Denver — $7,961,899 Detroit — $2,494,002 Harlem (NY) — $2,470,000 Indianapolis — $2,565,000 Los Angeles — $9,643,100 Memphis — $1,447,838 Milwaukee — $5,232,000 Minneapolis — $970,961 New Orleans — $5,274,487 Newark (NJ) — $1,697,649 Phoenix — $1,926,010 Washington, DC — $8,370,944 Here’s a full list of the grantees: Shape Public Policy: Amount 50CAN, Inc $1,800,000 Agudath Israel of America, Inc. 500,000 Agudath Israel of Illinois 100,000 Alliance for School Choice, Inc. 1,202,000 American Center for School Choice 40,000 American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research 160,000 Americans for Prosperity Foundation 250,000 Arizona Charter Schools Association (ACSA) 200,000 Arizona School Choice Administration Corporation 400,000 Association of Missouri Charter Schools (AMCS) 447,901 Barry Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Research 200,000 Bellwether Education Partners 90,000 Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) 796,000 Brookings Institution 200,000 California Charter Schools Association CCSA 3,250,000 Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Inc 150,000 Center for Education Reform 930,662 Charter School Partners 70,961 The Children's Scholarship Fund (CSF) 10,925,000 Colorado League of Charter Schools 588,826 Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) 357,000 Colorado Succeeds 215,000 Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now Inc. (ConnCAN) 800,000 Editorial Projects in Education 150,000 Education Pioneers 1,043,119 Education Reform Now, Inc. 1,100,000 Education Trust, Inc. 300,000 EG West Institute for Effective Schooling (WIES) 20,000 Excellent Education for Everyone, Inc. (E3) 421,500 Families Empowered 400,000 Florida Charter School Alliance FCSA 159,743 Foundation for Excellence in Education FEE 1,550,000 Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Inc. 565,000 Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) 717,721 Georgia Charter Schools Association Inc. 700,000 Georgia Family Education and Research Council, Inc. 350,000 GreatSchools Inc. 4,775,000 Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (HCREO) 100,000 Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) 1,038,784 Indiana Public Charter Schools Association, Inc. 380,000 Institute for Innovation of Public School Choice 388,763 Institute For Justice (IJ) 443,885 Institute of Public Charter Schools Innovation 45,000 International Education Foundation 475,000 LA Voice 100,000 Los Angeles Parent Union 1,200,550 Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 679,202 Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc. 5,000 MAPSA - Michigan Association of Public School Academies 744,002 Massachusetts Charter Public School Association (MCPSA) 200,000 MICAH Project 100,000 Milwaukee Chapter - Black Alliance for Educational Options Inc. (MCBAEO) 75,000 National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) 1,815,810 National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation 166,667 New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association (NJCSA) 86,149 New Schools for New Orleans Inc. 542,000 New Voice Strategies 351,480 New York Charter Schools Association NYCSA 1,062,955 NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 3,540,600 Oakland Community Organizations 200,000 Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) 61,840 Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) 625,000 People Acting in Community Together (PACT) 200,000 PICO National Network 200,000 Pioneer Institute, Inc. 162,800 Public Education and Business Coalition 100,000 Rhode Island Mayoral Academies (RIMA) 500,000 School Choice Indiana 200,000 School Choice Ohio 700,000 Stand for Children Leadership Center 1,136,016 Stand Up 200,000 Step Up for Students 1,233,760 StudentsFirst Institute 1,000,000 Success Charter Network 1,000,000 Tennessee Charter Schools Association 356,874 Texas Charter Schools Association 900,000 Thomas B. Fordham Institute 650,000 United Community Center, Inc. 70,000 United Negro College Fund, Inc. (UNCF) 1,100,917 Shape Public Policy Total $60,063,487 Create Quality Schools: Amount 4.0 Schools $467,667 8 Points Charter School, Inc. 220,000 Academy of New Media Middle School 220,000 Amani Public Charter School 220,000 Arts in Action Community Charter School 220,000 Better Learning Communities 30,000 Blackstone Valley Prep 500,000 Bridge Boston Charter School 250,000 Brighter Choice Foundation 900,000 Broome Street Academy Charter High School 220,000 Building Excellent Schools (BES) 2,546,400 Building Hope 1,618,000 Camino Nuevo Charter Academy 250,000 Catalyst Schools 30,000 Celerity Cardinal Charter School 250,000 Celerity Educational Group 60,000 Celerity Octavia Charter School 250,000 Celerity Palmati Charter School 250,000 Celerity Sirius Charter School 250,000 Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School 250,000 Charles School at Ohio Dominican University 30,000 Charter Fund, Inc. (CSGF) 22,900,000 Charter School Finaincing Partnership LLC CSFP 650,000 Christel House DORS 30,000 Christopher House 30,000 Cleveland Collegiate Preparatory School 220,000 College-Ready Academy High School #17 250,000 Colorado League of Charter Schools 28,500 Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) 330,000 Columbus Collegiate Academy - West Campus 30,000 Community School for Creative Education 200,000 Cornerstone Health High School 220,000 Crescent City Schools Charter School 250,000 Damar Charter Academy 250,000 DC Preparatory Academy 250,000 DC Public Education Fund 108,459 Democracy Prep Harlem Charter School 250,000 Early College Academy of Leaders and Scholars 250,000 East Harlem Scholars Academy 250,000 Educational Enterprises, Inc. 450,000 Edward W. Brooke Charter School 2 250,000 Elements Academy 2,374 Empower College Prep 30,000 Erie Elementary Charter School 250,000 Exalt Education 600,000 Excel Academy Charter School - Chelsea 250,000 Excellent Education Development, Inc. (ExED) 250,000 Experiencia Academy Project Team 30,000 Extera Public School 250,000 FirstLine College Prep High School 250,000 Fortune School of Education 250,000 Franklinton Preparatory Academy 30,000 Glazer Elementary 250,000 Global Green USA 25,000 Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. 500,000 Green Dot Public Schools 500,000 Heketi Community Charter School 250,000 Heritage Preparatory Academy 220,000 Heron Bay Academy 250,000 Hope Christian School 495,000 IFF 2,190,000 Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) 250,000 Jamaa Learning Center Charter School 220,000 KIPP Foundation 6,404,020 KNOVA Reynolds Public Charter School 250,000 Lake Charles Charter Academy 250,000 Latin Academy Charter School 220,000 LAYC Career Academy Public Charter School 250,000 Legal Prep Charter Academy 220,000 Liberty Collegiate 220,000 Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) 6,783,114 Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee 59,000 MATCH Community Day Charter Public School 250,000 Milwaukee College Preparatory School of Wisconsin 367,000 Milwaukee Math and Science Academy 250,000 Milwaukee Scholars Charter School 250,000 Mind Trust 500,000 Minneapolis College Preparatory School 250,000 Minnesota School of Science 250,000 Monarch Montessori of Denver 30,000 Morris Jeff Community School 220,000 Nashville Preparatory Charter School 220,000 Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem 220,000 New York City Montessori Charter School 220,000 NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 2,386,615 Orange School 30,000 Partners for Developing Futures 1,297,827 Preclarus Mastery Academy 220,000 Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy 250,000 ReNEW-Reinventing Education 750,000 Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts 250,000 Robertson Charter School, Inc 30,000 Rocky Mountain Preparatory Charter School 250,000 Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. 175,000 Seeds of Health, Inc. 165,000 Seminole Heights Charter High School 200,000 Sims-Fayola International Academy Denver 30,000 South City Preparatory Academy Charter School 220,000 Summit Public School: Rainier 250,000 Synergy Kinetic Academy 250,000 Synergy Quantum Academy 250,000 Tennessee Charter School Incubator 300,071 The Excel Center 220,000 The GLOBE Academy 30,000 The Intown Academy 220,000 The Loving School 250,000 United Community Center, Inc. 231,000 University Charter High School 30,000 University YES East Academy 250,000 UNO Charter School Network 750,000 Veritas Preparatory Charter School 220,000 Vincent Academy 250,000 Woodmont Charter School -The Bay Area Charter Foundation Inc. 250,000 Zenith Academy East 250,000 Create Quality Schools Total $71,510,047 Improve Existing Schools: Amount Achievement Network, LTD $62,500 Arizona Charter Schools Association (ACSA) 310,000 Charter Board Partners (CBP) 68,200 Colorado League of Charter Schools 150,000 DC Public Charter School Board 601,193 DC Public Education Fund 1,967,871 Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary 300,000 Denver Center for International Studies at Montbello 300,000 Denver Public Schools (DPS) 376,182 Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) 219,382 Generation Schools Network 20,000 Grant Beacon Middle School 20,000 Green Dot Public Schools 500,600 Green Valley Elementary 300,000 Greenwood K-8 20,000 High Tech Early College 300,000 Hope Christian School 300,000 Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) 50,000 Indiana Department of Education 25,000 Lena Lovato Archuleta Elementary School 20,000 Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc. 60,000 McGlone Elementary 300,000 National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) 2,157,000 National Council of La Raza - NCLR 352,640 New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) 50,000 New Teacher Project 2,941,239 Noel Community Arts School 300,000 Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) 82,500 Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) 593,184 Teach for America (National) 12,572,500 University of Notre Dame 511,000 West Leadership Academy 20,000 Wisconsin Lutheran College 200,000 Improve Existing Schools Total $26,050,991 Research and Evaluation Amount Hoover Institution, Stanford University $374,304 Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) 97,600 University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. 80,283 University of Notre Dame 250,000 University of Southern California 133,562 University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education 54,590 University of Wisconsin - Madison 435,000 Research and Evaluation Total $1,425,339 K-12 Education Reform and Other Education Grants Total 159,049,864
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