Toby Eccles has/had a position (Former Financier) at UBS Warburg LLC

Title Former Financier
Notes Toby co-founded Social Finance in 2007. There are now 70 professionals working in Social Finance UK with sister organisations in the US and Israel, and partnerships with intermediaries in Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Portugal. As Development Director his focus is on new initiatives for the organisation and innovation. He led teams that developed the Social Impact Bond model, from initial concept to the first implementation at Peterborough prison; the first local authority Social Impact Bond in Essex focused on Children in Care; designed the Social Outcomes Fund for the Cabinet Office, the first centrally pooled fund for Impact Bonds; catalysed Development Impact Bonds in partnership with the Center for Global Development; worked with the Inter-American Development Bank on Impact Bond strategies for Chile, Mexico and Brazil; and launched Social Finance Digital Labs, our new business area focused on improving services through generating insight from local government data. From 2005, he acted as secretariat for the Commission on Unclaimed Assets, which recommended the creation of a Social Investment Bank that later became Big Society Capital. Prior to this, he was Director of Research at ARK, a child focused foundation, where he built programmes around education in the UK and communities with high levels of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. In the commercial world, Toby worked in corporate finance at UBS Warburg, and built a next generation internet protocols business for Data Connection, a leading UK software company. Toby holds a BA in Maths from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.
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