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Notes Albuquerque Taking the long-view on a broad range of issues, from high school completion levels and juvenile incarceration to employment practices and private-sector job growth. Whether the city is focusing on health, education, workforce development or racial equity, the Mayor's Office, along with the Albuquerque public and private sectors, is committed to growing the city through investments in innovation, entrepreneurship and infrastructure. Like other cities in New Mexico and across the U.S., Albuquerque faces challenges related to educational attainment and racial equity. In 2014, Albuquerque’s graduation rate fell 6.2% to 62.5%, but that’s not the whole story. The graduation rate for whites in New Mexico was 74.7%, while it dropped to 66.9% for Hispanic students and 62% for blacks. On the workforce side, there were more than 950 charges of workforce discrimination in 2014, with racial discrimination representing 21.2% of those charges. ABQ Results Based Accountability Training: Initiative Director, Robin Brule PointingRoute 66 running through Albuquerque. By Kent Kanouse. Courtesy of Governing.com. Albuquerque has taken a multi-faceted approach to tackling these issues. Cross-sector teams across the city participate in a number of initiatives with Living Cities. Through these and other systems-level efforts, the city aims to eliminate municipal policies and practices that perpetuate racial inequities; adopt and embrace strategies that advance racial equity at the structural level; and help local communities take advantage of institutional changes. Explore Our Work in Albuquerque WORK IN ALBUQUERQUE City Accelerator The City Accelerator, an initiative of Living Cities and the Citi Foundation, works within and across cities to advance and promote the spread of promising innovations that will have a significant impact in the lives of residents. BLOG POST by Frank Mirabal, Sep 29, 2016 Building a Platform Instead of a Wall BLOG POST by Eric Gordon, Nov 18, 2015 Improving Public Engagement: 5 Cities Get to Work Cross-Sector Partnerships Addressing the complex challenges cities face today requires collective effort from across sectors: public, private and nonprofit. BLOG POST by Robin Brule & Shanee Helfer, May 8, 2019 Navigating Collective Impact through a Mayoral Transition BLOG POST by Ratna Gill, Apr 18, 2017 Radical Self-Care: Four Lessons from Our Meeting with City Leaders in Albuquerque Innovation Teams We partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to support a growing network of cities with dedicated innovation teams that developed and deployed bold ideas to tackle the biggest issues facing city governments. BLOG POST by Norris Williams, Jun 22, 2016 Measuring Progress on the Road to Innovation BLOG POST by Owen Stone, May 10, 2016 How Innovation Teams Approach Stakeholder Management Prepare We are working to improve the economic well-being of low-income people by ensuring that they are prepared for quality 21st century jobs. BLOG POST by JaNay Queen Nazaire, Jan 20, 2017 What does it take to create opportunities for high-quality jobs? BLOG POST by Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, Jan 20, 2016 Lessons on Supporting Cohorts to Get Low-Income Youth into Good Jobs Racial Equity Here Racial Equity Here supports five U.S. cities committed to improving racial equity and advancing opportunity for all. BLOG POST by Marlon Williams & Alyssa Smaldino, Jun 5, 2019 What Does Racial Equity & Inclusion Look Like for the Public Sector? BLOG POST by Nadia Owusu & Ben Hecht, Mar 22, 2019 Beyond Counting Policies: Measuring Progress in Racial Equity The Integration Initiative Our signature, multi-city initiative supports cities that are reshaping programs, policies and resource allocation to achieve enduring change that benefits low-income people. BLOG POST by Robin Brule & Shanee Helfer, May 8, 2019 Navigating Collective Impact through a Mayoral Transition BLOG POST by Frank Mirabal, Nov 29, 2018 Why the City of Albuquerque Now Buys Local RESOURCE Sep 24, 2013 Taking Office in the 21st Century: Innovation Must Lead, and Leaders Must Innovate The Project on Municipal Innovation We work with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center to convene and support a network of mayoral chiefs of staff and policy leaders who advance transformative change through innovation in city government to improve the lives of residents.
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