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Notes Cleveland Tackling issues related to housing, workforce development, procurement and community engagement. Across the Project on Municipal Innovation, the Integration Initiative, the Civic Tech and Data Collaborative and the Catalyst Fund, Cleveland is working to address issues related to housing, workforce development, procurement and community engagement. The 2009 financial crisis and foreclosure epidemic was devastating to Cleveland’s neighborhoods. At the time, the city was believed to have the sixth highest rate of foreclosure in the nation, with an inventory of over 9,000 vacant homes. With support from Living Cities’ Catalyst Fund, Neighborhood Progress, Inc. and the Cleveland Housing Network created a new entity, Opportunity Housing Cleveland, LLC (OHC), to mitigate the impact of the foreclosure crisis on six neighborhoods in Cleveland. OHC invested $10 million in the redevelopment of 50 vacant structures for homeownership. In addition, OHC worked to keep 100 families at risk of losing their homes from being foreclosed upon. Further work with the Cleveland Foundation allowed the city to test new models for local procurement, workforce development and community engagement. Map featuring Cleveland, OH Today, cross-sector teams are looking to a new frontier to tackle the city’s most intractable problems: civic technology. As a learning partner in the Civic Tech and Data Collaborative the city aims to further refine its understanding of the existing civic tech ecosystem and build crucial connections. This work has has not only primed the ecosystem for projects and activities that can improve the lives of citizens, but it also has helped all partners understand the replicable processes involved in partnership. WORK IN CLEVELAND Civic Tech and Data Collaborative We are working with Code for America and the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership to support teams of civic technologists, data practitioners and government officials in cities to develop data and technology solutions to address pressing problems. BLOG POST by Elizabeth Reynoso & Ben Hecht, Jun 27, 2018 Realizing the Potential of Data, Tech and Local Government Collaboration BLOG POST by Elizabeth Reynoso, Mar 28, 2018 The Power of Ecosystems for Problem-Solving The Catalyst Funds: Our Impact Investing We deploy concessionary, flexible debt from socially motivated investors to improve the lives of low-income people and the communities where they live. BLOG POST by Nadia Owusu, Apr 4, 2014 Celebrating the First Three Years of the Integration Initiative The Project on Municipal Innovation We work with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center to convene and support a network of mayoral chiefs of staff and policy leaders who advance transformative change through innovation in city government to improve the lives of residents.
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