Type Seed Funding
Start Date 2013-00-00
Goods I spoke a few weeks ago to a group of community college presidents who self-selected as “entrepreneurial.” They are probably the group best positioned to connect the dots among the three sectors, as community colleges are tied in with the workforce opportunities in their communities. This is one of the reasons I created (and our foundation has supported) the Education Design Lab, to support schools, entrepreneurs, and universities that are working on new models for closing that gap between 90 percent aspiration and 9 percent attainment. (See the blog post that the Education Design Lab recently wrote with the Lumina Foundation on 12 promising alternative pathways.) I am struck that so many leaders of institutions understand that disruption of higher education is imminent and that we will soon see a shift from institutions controlling the supply of education to a Wild West of a la carte menus of every type of credential and certification—courses here, boot camps there, and promises of pathways to jobs from vendors, schools, and brands old and new. We call this the Learner Revolution.