Big Picture Learning, Australia and Big Picture Learning have/had a hierarchical relationship

Start Date 2007-00-00
Notes In 2007, working with Western Australia's Department of Education, Big Picture Education Australia opened its first whole-school conversion at Yule Brook College, in the Perth suburb of Maddington. "This was a very poor community where a number of initiatives had already been implemented to solve problems around attendance, behaviour and failure to learn," says White. "When they saw what we were about, they were, like, 'We're in.' " Since less affluent schools generally feel the effects of disengagement first, explains White, they tend to be early innovators. "They come to us for help," she says. "In my long life in education, I've seen too many 'solutions' imposed on schools. Often, the bright, shiny objects look very appealing in the first instance, but unless you have the profession working deeply with these new ideas, you just won't get take-up." Soon White was approached by other schools in WA, Queensland, NSW and Tasmania.