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Start Date 1992-00-00
Notes After winning the election in November of 1992, Clinton assembled a transition team, and asked the PPI to craft the Administration’s education agenda. Clinton played a strong role in this process, but policy experts drafted the core policy proposals. Ted Kolderie, an early pioneer of the charter movement in Minnesota, was the author of the PPI’s charter school strategy. The report, “A Mandate for Action”, included the following language in the charter school proposal: In addition to the bully pulpit, the new President can use the leverage of federal education aid to promote public school choice. He should support a proposal by Senators David Durenberger (R-MN) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT), which would permit the states to use federal education grants to start up charter schools. 89 The PPI’s recommendation tied the policy entrepreneurs together, by using their strengths to sell charter school legislation to their colleagues and the public. Although the report was drafted for the Administration, it was equally important for the pursuits of Durenberger and Lieberman.
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