Title Study Group Participant
Notes Profile Emmy-winning Director and Producer; Star Trek Director A recipient of an Emmy and Humanitas awards, Alex Singer has directed five feature films and more than 280 television shows, spanning a successful career of more than 40 years.He has directed and lectured in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, and has taught both production and directing at universities and other institutions, including a 17-week course at USC’s School of Electrical Engineering. For the National Research Council, he published two white papers: “Convergence of Computers, Telecommunications and Entertainment” and “Defense Modeling and Simulation Organization and the Entertainment Industry.” The NRC later designated Singer a lifetime National Associate of the National Academy of Sciences. In addition, Singer presented at three DARPA Information Science and Technology study groups: “Building a Time Machine”; “Total Recall: Combining Human and Digital Memory,” and “Augmented Cognition,” – the last evolving into a short dramatic film: “The Future of Augmented Cognition.” As part of the three-volume published examination of their research, DARPA asked Singer to write a chapter about virtual environment training in the year 2057, using the story-telling metaphor of Star Trek’s Holodeck.
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