Skillful Indiana and Walmart have/had a generic relationship

Project Skillful Indiana
Founding partner Walmart
Start Date 2018-00-00
Notes Skillful Indiana Founding Partners Lumina Foundation "In a changing economy, we need a labor market with access to life-long learning and quality training, with a focus on developing people’s competencies. We are excited to partner with Skillful to accelerate Indiana’s efforts to take promising practices nationally and put them to work for the benefit of Hoosiers." Jamie Merisotis President and CEO, Lumina Foundation Purdue University "Purdue and Skillful are partnering to advance our shared goal of connecting Hoosiers with the opportunity to flourish, when just starting out and throughout a lifetime of learning. It is a natural pairing with Purdue’s extensive network of campuses and innovative online educational options." Mitch Daniels President, Purdue University Walmart "Walmart and Skillful have a shared interest in building effective approaches to learning and career advancement. We are excited to support their work in equipping Hoosiers with the skills needed for the changing economy." Kathleen McLaughlin Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Walmart Inc.; President, Walmart Foundation