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Notes COLLECTIVE IMPACT For many years, our community has been "program rich and systems poor." When programs, organizations, and sectors go their own ways, we end up with a patchwork approach to education that too often fails our children. Milwaukee Succeeds is building a new approach to education through collective impact. We believe that every sector has a role to play in educating our children, and that through collaboration and a focus on data-driven continuous improvement, we can and will do better. As partners with StriveTogether, we advance Strive's four principles of collective impact: Shared Community Vision: All participants have a shared vision for change, as well as a common understanding of the problem and how they will work collectively to solve it. Evidence Based Decision Making: Partnerships make decisions based on local data that shows areas of need and promising practices that are already working for kids. Collaborative Action: Community members come together to use data to collectively move outcomes. Investment and Sustainability: Partnerships initiate or redirect resources (time, talent and treasure) toward data-based practices on an ongoing basis, and engages the community to ensure long-term sustainability. We believe this new approach to education can happen, and we are committed to working with partners across all sectors in the community over the long term to achieve the following four goals: Kindergarten Readiness: All children are prepared to enter school School Readiness: All children succeed academically and graduate prepared for meaningful work and/or college College & Career Readiness: All young people use post-secondary education or training to advance their opportunities beyond high school Social & Emotional Health: All children and young people are healthy, supported socially and emotionally, and contribute responsibly to the success of the Milwaukee community We’ve identified select measurements for each goal to help us determine whether we are making progress. We will continuously track these measurements and report the outcomes to the community. However, the goal is not just to gather the data. We will use it to continuously improve results for our children, by aligning resources and investing in programs that work.
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