Keshav Gupta has/had a position (FUSE Fellow, Smart City IoT Leader) at City of San Jose

Title FUSE Fellow, Smart City IoT Leader
Start Date 2017-00-00
Notes Smart City IoT Leader - Civic Innovation, City Manager’s Office Company NameCity of San José Dates Employed2017 – Present Employment Duration1 yr LocationSan Francisco Bay Area Designing an Innovative Transportation System for Groundbreaking Projects San Jose’s 1 million-plus population is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent over the next two decades. To prepare for this dramatic growth, the Civic Innovation team in the City Manager’s Office developed its first ever city-wide Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy to build a modern digital infrastructure that is innovative, safe, effective, and efficient. The agency partnered with FUSE executive fellow Keshav Gupta to develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy for this effort, and to help implement pilot projects that test the new approaches. Keshav benchmarked the application of smart city solutions in more than a dozen cities across the globe, and formulated a strategy to ensure that the IoT solutions around traffic congestion and fleet management, energy efficiency, water conservation, and public safety road maintenance, among other areas, address the real needs of the community. He developed a set of eight principles to guide the city’s deployment of IoT, including the need to protect safety and privacy, leverage data and analytics, and establish a culture of collaboration and continuous learning. Keshav is also leading the development of public-private partnerships to test and scale proposed IoT solutions. These efforts are helping to lay the foundation for an enduring, community-centered Smart City IoT infrastructure in San Jose. The City of San Jose has set forth a mission to be a global leader in civic innovation, and is committed to becoming a Smart City. To enable this mission, I am actively engaged in defining and executing the citywide Internet of Things (IoT) strategy that are delivering innovative IoT solutions and capabilities to the City and its residents. These solutions span deploying IoT platforms, building core IoT connectivity networks, developing full stack IoT reference architecture. I am also involved in developing and iterating frameworks for effective public-private partnerships that yield the most benefits to city residents such as those addressing public safety issues, facilities management, mobility & reducing traffic congestion.

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