Doug Burgum has/had a position (Founding Member) at Skillful

Title Founding Member
Start Date 2018-00-00
Notes North Dakota—Gov. Doug Burgum (R) “For North Dakota to reach its fullest potential, we need the skilled workforce to match a job market being disrupted by rapid technological change. Joining the Skillful State Network as a founding member presents an exciting opportunity to work with key stakeholders and learn best practices that will bolster our efforts to fill North Dakota’s 13,000 job openings by harnessing the very technology transforming our economy," said Governor Doug Burgum. Representative Workplace Initiative: Recognizing that work-based learning opportunities are instrumental to the development of 21st century workforce skills, Operation Intern is designed to expand the number of internship, work experience and apprenticeship positions with North Dakota employers in selected industries: energy, advanced manufacturing, value-added agriculture, tourism and technology-based businesses, with special emphasis on supporting start-ups in North Dakota. Employers are incented to create internship programs through matching funds. For additional information: Mike Nowatzki, [email protected], Direct: 701.328.2424