The Annie E Casey Foundation and Peter Frumkin have/had a generic relationship

Influenced by The Annie E Casey Foundation
Influencer of Peter Frumkin
Start Date 2002-00-00
Notes To launch the pilot initiative, the Foundation drew upon several pioneering schools of thought about results-based accountability in philanthropy and beyond. The Foundation began by working with the Rensselaerville Institute, an organization with well- developed expertise in results-based accountability. Foundation staff worked closely with staff from the Institute to develop Casey’s initial ideas about how to infuse a results-based approach into the Foundation’s work. The Foundation also found Mark Friedman’s results accountability materials useful. Friedman took on a consulting role, presenting workshops to the Foundation and offering insight on the development of a results framework. The framework began to take shape as a merging of the Rensselaerville Institute and Friedman schools of thought. Additional insight came from Peter Frumkin’s work on strategic grant making.5

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