Gene Wade has/had a position (Board) at Pahara Institute

Title Board
Notes Gene Wade Gene Wade is a leading US education entrepreneur. He recently founded UniversityNow, a social venture that operates an online, self-paced university serving working adults in the US. In addition to providing each student with a personalized learning experience using a combination of committed faculty and adaptive learning software, tuition is affordable “out of pocket” (at $2,800 per academic year). As a result, no student has to borrow to afford college. Prior to founding UniversityNow, Gene was Co-founder and CEO of Platform Learning, a tutoring company that served tens of thousands of low-income students throughout the United States. He was also Co-founder and CEO of LearnNow, a school management company that managed urban charter schools and public schools. Prior to becoming an education entrepreneur, he was a corporate attorney. Gene earned an MBA from The Wharton School, a JD from Harvard Law School and a BA from Morehouse College. As a serial education entrepreneur, Gene’s work has been profiled by several national media outlets, including, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, Fast Company and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Gene also shared his personal story and vision for UniversityNow as a TEDx speaker.

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