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Notes Hoonuit Establishes Alliance with Microsoft to Further Improve Student Outcomes Posted by Andrea Gronberg on Jan 16, 2018 7:34:34 AM inShare Relationship with industry leader and expansion of product offering places Hoonuit at forefront of major changes in education. MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 16, 2018) – Hoonuit, a leader in K-12 student performance metrics, today announces its alliance with Microsoft. Hoonuit’s data and analytics solutions enable education administrators to facilitate accountability reporting, support educators in the decision-making process, and maximize student success. Now through its work with Microsoft, K-12 school districts, state education departments, and other education agencies can run Hoonuit’s data programs in the cloud with the speed, scale, and security needed to adhere to changing education policy and constantly adapt to meet students’ needs. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has created new opportunities and challenges for K-12 education. “As states and districts prepare their data and evolve their practices for compliance under the new regulations, we are committed to guiding our customers through the changes while conserving their valuable time and resources,” said Paul Hesser, CEO of Hoonuit. “Our growing relationship with Microsoft along with continued enhancements to our portfolio will allow us to serve more educational institutions and strengthen our partnerships with educators in helping them improve student outcomes.” In addition to meeting changing reporting requirements, Hoonuit also helps educators use data to deliver insights into schools and classrooms to empower educators and support their daily workflows. Most recently with the release of its predictive Early Warning solution using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning hosted on Azure, Hoonuit focuses on guiding educators in identifying at-risk students early on and integrating an impactful intervention workflow to easily and consistently track student progress to improve student retention and graduation rates. “Hoonuit is an example of the industry expertise and innovation in the Microsoft partner community that can deliver transformative solutions to benefit the next generation,” said Margo Day, Vice President of U.S. Education for Microsoft. “Together with Hoonuit, we hope to further realize our vision of empowering students and teachers to create the world of tomorrow.” Hoonuit’s hosted data solutions delivered through Azure also allow customers to optionally use Microsoft Power BI for data visualization. To learn more about Hoonuit, visit http://www.hoonuit.com.

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