Philip Rycroft and Shanker Singham have/had a professional relationship

Notes Shanker Singham met with Philip Rycroft at 70 Whitehall on 18 July 2017. Shortly before that, Singham and Rycroft were both at a high level Brexit meeting held at the FCO property at Chevening, Kent on 7 July 2017. Singham was the sole think tank representative. Also in attendance were Greg Clark (BEIS), David Davis (DExEU), Baroness Anelay (DExEU), Robin Walker (DExEU), Steve Baker (DExEU), Steve Barclay (Treasury), and many more. A second Chevening event took place on 15 September, at which David Davis, Greg Clark, Baroness Anelay, Steve Baker, Steve Barclay, Philip Rycroft and Gareth Johnson (DExEU) were present. Singham and Rycroft also met on 5 December at 70 Whitehall and again on 13 March and 10 May 2018.

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