J.B. Pritzker has/had a position (Co-Founder) at 1871

Title Co-Founder
Start Date 2012-00-00
Notes On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his firm, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, I hosted a fireside chat with J.B. Pritzker at 1871. It was J.B. who led the group that founded 1871 in 2012. The event drew an enthusiastic crowd of entrepreneurs, investors, and several hundred others interested in hearing the gospel straight from one of venture capital’s leading apostles. When you have more than 20 years’ venture experience and roughly 160 investments behind you, there’s a whole lot to impart–and well worth listening very carefully to. It was especially refreshing to be able to steer away from the clichés and get into some very practical tips about what he and his team look for in considering a deal and how that differs from many other venture firms, which are constrained by the requirements of their limited partnership agreements and other considerations like IRR (as opposed to ultimate return on capital) as well.

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