Type Donor Advised Fund
Start Date 2012-00-00
Is Current yes
Amount $2,500,000,000
Notes Shares of FB Stock, Donor-Advised Fund That $2.5 billion figure may sound off, too, since the big donations Zuckerberg has made to date to SVCF include $500 million in 2012 and then $1 billion in 2013. Of course, the dollar figures are not the numbers that count in those gifts. What counts is how many shares of Facebook stock Zuckerberg donated in total over two years. And that number is 36 million. Yesterday, Facebook reported better-than-expected earnings, and Facebook's stock accelerated its recent upward climb. Today, FB closed at $75 a share. Do some quick math and you'll see that Zuckerberg's donations to SVCF are now worth $2.7 billion, assuming that the stock wasn't sold after it went to the foundation. We can't be sure of that, but for a bunch of reasons, it's a good bet that the pile of shares Zuckerberg donated stands largely intact in a donor-advised fund, although some shares have probably been liquidated to meet the giving commitments that Zuckerberg and Chan have made. In all, $2.5 billion is a solid educated guess about the current value of the couple's philanthropic assets.