Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (Appointed 12-01-08)

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Ironhand Securiy Generic
Chevron 2008 Proxy Generic - James L. Jones Jr. Generic
Atlantic Council Board of Directors Generic
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Oil industry adviser makes the case for pipelines | Star Tribune Generic
FEC Filing 13960618622 FEC Filing
Chevron Corporation board Generic J L Jones Bio Generic
FEC contribution search|MATCHES|:JONES:)|AND|(fname|MATCHES|:JAMES*:) FEC Filing Generic
Fannie Mae Lobbyist to Lead Obama National Security Team Generic Generic
Democracy Now (12/2/08) Generic
Press release - Chamber Names Gen. James Jones to Lead New Energy Institute Generic Generic
Press Release Detail Generic
Energy XXI: Karen Harbert Generic
2008 Proxy Generic
FEC Filing 12970031349 FEC Filing
General Dynamics Form 3 Generic
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Boeing Form 4 Generic