Educators and educational institutions supporting hydrofracking


People on this list have the most positions in the following organizations.


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Company People
Appalachian Fracture Systems Terry Engelder, Gary Lash
Schlumberger N.V. Stephen Holditch
Ecology & Environment, Inc. John P Martin
Norse Energy Corp Robert Jacobi
Royal Dutch Shell Stephen Holditch

Government Bodies

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Govt Body People
United States Department of Energy Melanie A Kenderdine, John P Martin
Natural Gas Subcommittee of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Stephen Holditch, Mark Zoback
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority John P Martin
Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission Terry Engelder
Ohio Oil & Gas Commission Robert Chase

Other Organizations

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Org People
Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America Stephen Holditch, Mark Zoback, Melanie A Kenderdine
Penn State Terry Engelder, Michael A Arthur
Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute Jennifer L Miskimins, John B Curtis
Colorado School of Mines Jennifer L Miskimins, John B Curtis
Stanford University Mark Zoback, Charles G Groat