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Do you like our new look?

You may have noticed late last Friday we updated the LittleSis look. For months we’ve been asking our designer friends for help developing a site redesign plan, and we finally

Catch this CrocTail

Last week our friends at CorpWatch unveiled their great new API, which extracts corporate subsidiary information from SEC filings and makes the data available for the world to navigate in

Equity liberation front

Private equity firms enlist Cohen, Quarles in effort to overturn Fed‘s bank ownership regulations. (NYT) To exit Treasury‘s TARP, banks will be required to forgo lucrative FDIC debt guarantees. (WSJ)

LittleSis gets social with Analyst Notes

LittleSis is a latecomer to Twitter, and we’re still learning the ropes, but one thing is clear: microblogging makes nuanced argument difficult, but is quite effective for documenting simple facts

What’s next: help us prioritize!

During the building of the LittleSis beta, many good ideas for future projects were brainstormed by the development team and the dozens of colleagues and friends from whom we received

New Administration, New Feature

Previously, user-created lists in LittleSis, such as Bush II Administration Officials, had limited value. They basically behaved like meta tags, but clunkier. If you added Paul Wolfowitz to the Bush

Why LittleSis Matters

There are thousands of people in the US, and plenty more around the world, who spend every day investigating the ties between people in the upper circles of government and

Peaceful transfer of power

In preparation for next week’s beta launch, we’re moving our site to a new home over the next few days. There most likely will be a few hours of downtime

References and Wikipedia

A quick but important note about References on Littlesis. From now on we’re encouraging Littlesis analysts to only use original sources when contributing data. Sites like Wikipedia that aggregate information

Excited About 2009

Last winter Kevin and I were just beginning to look for funding to grow Little Sister — as the project was then named — from a raggedy prototype to a