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The One Percent’s Social Calendar

While the 99 percent occupy Wall Street, the one percent continue to occupy themselves with conferences, galas, fundraisers, luncheons, performances, and other events where they can enjoy each other’s company,

Introducing the LittleSis Bookmarklet

Lots of important information on powerful people and organizations and their connections is found in news stories. Read today’s New York Times, for instance, and you’ll find pieces on Newt Gingrich’s

Some Tax Day Stats

A few stats for tax day, drawn from our recent study of big banks and tax avoidance, Big Bank Tax Drain, produced in partnership with National People’s Action as part

All the Foreclosures Money Can Buy

Three years into the Wall Street-created economic crisis, Californians continue to lose jobs, homes, and billions in personal wealth, leading to record budget deficits. California is the hardest-hit of all

Big Bank Tax Drain

Wall Street banks caused the economic crisis that has left millions unemployed, foreclosed-on, and without prospects in the worst economy since the Great Depression. This crisis has, in turn, caused

The Committee to Scam New York

New York State’s budget woes have inspired the formation of a coalition of business interests named the “Committee to Save New York,” which is rallying behind the austerity budget proposed

A Portrait of the Austerity Committee

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s austerity budget has won the backing of a coalition of business interests named the “Committee to Save New York,” which LittleSis analysts have been researching as part

Who Attends the Koch Brothers’ Conferences?

Billionaires Charles and David Koch are holding one of their infamous political retreats this weekend in Rancho Mirage, CA, inspiring a coalition of liberal groups to mount protests outside the