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Paulson a major Cuomo donor

Individuals from Paulson & Co., the hedge fund at the center of a fraud suit brought by the SEC against Goldman Sachs, have given nearly one hundred thousand dollars in

AARP, AMA endorse health bill

President Obama snatched up endorsements of the health bill by AARP and AMA and will visit the Capitol today to make one last push to lawmakers. (WSJ) Fourteen people are

House Dems want a weekend health vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a vote on the health bill Saturday. (NYT) Fourteen more arrests have been made in the Galleon insider trading case. (Bloomberg) The Senate

Health bill may not be passed until 2010

Sen. Harry Reid said the health reform debate may carry on into 2010. (WSJ) House Republicans have drafted their own health bill with no public option that doesn’t require people

Panel aims to pass climate bill before December

Sen. Barbara Boxer has charged the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee with completing a climate change bill before the international summit in Copenhagen in December. (Reuters) Three key races

Republicans to release their own health bill

Rep. John Boehner says House Republicans will release their own health bill this week. (WSJ) White House economic adviser Larry Summers will hold a meeting today to discuss the economy.

C.V. Starr & Co.: Greenberg’s new AIG?

The New York Times ran a great story on Tuesday about former AIG chief Maurice Greenberg‘s latest venture, the C.V. Starr empire. Reporter Mary Williams Walsh links Greenberg’s new success