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  kevk kevk  

@leia Good question. Some organizations just aren't easily categorized. And since there aren't a lot of tribal councils already filed in LittleSis, this is a judgement call.

I'd say it's a government body. Even though it's an unusual kind with business interests, the council's raison d'etre is governing and its leaders are popularly elected.

leia leia  

@kevk @Nicole Question: How are tribes classified under orgs?

I'm referring to this one: http://www.chukchansi.net/council.aspx It is a govt. of sorts, yet it's a business, too. Any thoughts? Thanks, Laura

leia leia  

Corrections Corporation of America"Looking at the numbers, it is easy to see why the private-prison industry is eager to expand into immigrant detentions. According to ICE Public Affairs Officer Gillian Brigham, in fiscal year 2009, ICE detained 383,524 individuals, with an average daily prisoner population of 32,098 spread across the nation’s 270 immigrant detention centers." http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/6084/...

Lobbying of government and relationships with major corps.

leia leia  

Peter G Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit announced: http://chelseagreen.com/blogs/robertkuttn...

  Matthew Matthew  

The Social Security Looters research group is growing -- welcome @Rogue, @sundin, @leia, @Champ119, and @gene!

  kevin kevin  

hey bubble baron researchers, veteran LittleSis analyst @leia raises an important point: even if the profile page of your bubble baron (for instance, David Shaw) seems fairly complete, chances are there are still lots of questions to answer about them. If you're stuck, start digging up information on the firms and foundations that the bubble baron has founded and funded: who serves on the board? who leads the organization? what investments/donations do these firms make? and so on...it's a big task! again, research questions are outlined here: http://wiki.littlesis.org/index.php/Bubble_Barons

  kevin kevin  

a list of "transparency sites" on Pelican's website. http://www.pelicaninstitute.org/transparency/

(h/t @leia)

what are these organizations behind these, exactly?

"Skeptic" left an interesting comment on the blog, as well, that LA mucksters might want to check out: http://blog.littlesis.org/2010/01/28/bous...

leia leia  

James O'Keefe

31 House Republicans cosponsored Rep.Olson's measure, which declared that O'Keefe was "owed a debt of gratitude by the people of the United States"


  kevin kevin  

To all obamaadmin analysts (@joshmumm, @Bob, @kevin, @Matthew, @Destructor, @ahier, @Priscilla, @Aleinad, @sundin, @leia):

The Obama White House visitors list is really shaping up! We are at 146 names, and it includes visitors to many of the top officials in the White House -- the President, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Cass Sunstein, Nancy-Ann DeParle.

Let's shoot for 200 (though the list can continue to be updated). If you need more names, let me know.

We are rolling out an awesome new tool for bulk adding at the end of this month -- you all will be some of the first to test-drive it.

  kevin kevin  

Chamber group--

Beyond the political $ data (see http://blog.littlesis.org/tag/chamber-of-commerce/) we're working on compiling more info on the board members -- relationships showing where they've worked, what boards they sit on, where they went to school, what clubs they belong to, etc., so that we can do a bit more analysis.

Five of you are working through the board list -- if you need a hand, just say so. And if you don't currently have an assignment, there's other stuff to be working on, for instance on the Committee of 100. Always!

Great work so far everyone.

Feel free to reply all to this message by copying the recipient list below.

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