Son of Jeb, nephew of George W., and grandson of George H.W. Bush

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George P. Bush reaped $129,000 from contractors at the agency he leads - News - Austin American-Stat Generic
Miami Herald Generic
Politico Generic
Jeb Bush's private investments in fracking dovetail with public advocacy | Tampa Bay Times Generic
TIME,8599,1093655,00.html Generic
'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas Generic
Uplift Education Generic
FEC Filing 10990223580 FEC Filing
Texas Tribune - Ethics Explorer Generic
FEC Filing 12961245792 FEC Filing
FEC Filing 12970326680 FEC Filing
FEC Filing 26021063074 FEC Filing
FEC contribution search|MATCHES|:BUSH:)|AND|(fname|MATCHES|:GEORGE*:) FEC Filing
HispanicPRWire Generic