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State Street Corp Website - Jay Hooley Bio!ut/p/c4/RY3LbsIwEEW_hUVWWcwE8rCXpFVbRERVAhJkY02CCxbJOHLcVv37mgo Generic
TPP Coalition - Members Generic
Open Secrets - Lobbyist profile - Kristina Kennedy,+Kristina&id=Y00000410571 Generic
FSF - Forum Members Generic
Open Secrets - Robert Cogorno,+Robert&id=Y00000106100 Generic
Richard K. Davis Generic
FSF website Generic Generic
FSF website Generic
Lobbying Spending Database Catanzaro, Michael J, 2016 | OpenSecrets Generic
Even in G.O.P., Lazio’s Bid for Governor Is Hard Sell Generic
OpenSecrets: Jimmy Ryan (2016) (Accessed 11/30/16) Generic
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Lobbying Spending Database Schuermann, Mark J, 2010 | OpenSecrets Generic
Open Secrets - Stacey Alexander lobbyist profile,+Stacey&id=Y00000395990&year=2009 Generic
ACCF Annual Report 2013 Generic
Open Secrets Individual Profile, Elemdorf Generic
BPC 2013 Annual Report Generic
Open Secrets: Jimmy Ryan Generic