Lists are collections of people and/or organizations that don't belong to a formal group. Many of them were originally compiled by media organizations, frequently in order to rank people by power, wealth, or influence.

Name Entities Description
Time Magazine covers 2546 People featured on the US cover of Time Magazine. The year of the cover issue of Time follows the name. Those with multiple covers listed under most recent appearance.
The World's Billionaires (2015) 1840 Forbes ranks more than 1,800 billionaires. Published March 2015
TED Speakers (2006-2014) 1580 TED has archived more than 1900 talks on its' website. This lists all of the speakers making those talks. Includes talks given at an official TED conference, at one of thousands of local, independently organized TEDx events, or on another stage altogether.
All members of Congress since 1981 1435
The World's Billionaires - Forbes (2012) 1238 Published March 2012
The World's Billionaires - Forbes (2011) 1185 Forbes ranked more than 1,000 billonaires
Top 1000 Most Powerful in & around Dallas/Ft. Worth (2011) 1124 An independent attempt to put together a local list. Last updated in April 2011.
MacArthur Foundation Fellows 1010 Foundation has made "genius grants" each year since 1981. Early grants were lifetime annuities - now $625,000 over 5 years without any restriction on use. Rank is the year of award. Updated to include 2016 awardees.
Fortune 1000 Companies (2008) 1000 Fortune Magazine's list of the 1000 US companies with the largest published revenue figures.
Most Popular Film Celebrities in the 20th Century 999 Drawn from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), taking the 10 most popular from each year of birth 1900-1999. Fictional characters excluded. Snapshot of rankings October, 2016
Fortune 1000 Companies (2010) 991 Fortune Magazine's list of the 1000 US companies with the largest published revenue figures.
People with the most position relationships that don't yet have blurbs 944
Most Politically Active American Academics (2015) 827 Research list complied from little.sis and FEC data, includes academics who 1) contributes $10,000+ to a single candidate 2) have more than 100 links on little.sis or 3) have run for federal office
2016 Democratic Superdelegates 711
Obama 2008 bundlers 602
WME | IMG Speakers (2016) 598 In 2013, William Morris Endeavor acquired the operations of IMG to form the word's largest talent agency. This is a list of speakers represented by the firm, circa 2016.
111th Congress 557
The Fellows Program at the Institute of Politics, Harvard University 546 Since 1966 The Fellows Program at the Institute of Politics has cornerstone of Institute life and the only program of its kind at Harvard University or anywhere else. The highly selective Fellows Program provides six positions each semester to elected officials, high-ranking government officials, foreign dignitaries, campaign leaders, policy makers, political journalists and other key participants in the political process. Ranking indicates the year of the fellowship.
112th Congress 544
113th Congress 544