Navigating the Relationship Page

To view a relationship page, click any relationship title found on a person/organization’s profile. Each title is listed below the other person/organization in the relationship and organized by the relationship categories. When there is more than one relationship between the same entities, a number will appear-- [+1] for example--that you can click to see the other relationships.

Relationship between Mitch McConnell and US Senate

Understanding Relationship Categories

There are 12 categories of relationships in LittleSis that help us organize relationships on profile pages and create advanced searches. Analysts can create relationships between 2 people (P+P), 2 organizations (O+O) or a person and an organization (P+O), but not all categories apply.

1. Position (P+O/P+P only)

When a person has a place in an organizational hierarchy, usually carrying a title. Positions can be paid or unpaid. Examples - CEO, Director, Trustee, Chief Counsel, Professor, etc.

2. Education (P+O only)

When a person attends a school or educational program as a student.

3. Membership

When a person is a member of a membership organization, but doesn’t hold a position, or when an organization is a member of a larger coalition or association. Examples - AFL-CIO, NRA, National Association of Manufacturers, etc.

4. Family (P+P only)

hen two people are part of the same family. Examples - children, spouses, cousins, siblings, etc

5. Donation/Grant

A gift transfer of money, goods, or services with nothing due in return. Examples - political funding, contributions to charities, government grants, prizes.

6. Service/Transaction

An exchange of money, goods, or services of about equal value. Examples - purchases, consulting, contract work, accounting, trades, etc.

7. Lobbying

When an organization directly lobbies a government agency or official. Examples - organization that employs lobbyists in-house, lobbying firm hired by an organization

8. Social (P+P only)

When two people are socially acquainted. Examples - friends, rivals, lovers, tennis partners, etc.

9. Professional (P+P only)

When two people have a direct working or business relationship. Examples - co-writers, business partners, mentors, etc.

10. Ownership (O+O/P+O only)

When a person or organization has full or partial ownership of an organization. Examples - sole proprietor, limited partners, shareholders, etc.

11. Hierarchy (O+O only)

When an organization is the parent or child of another organization. Examples - foundation, lobbying arm, political arm, etc.

12. Generic

A generic type for affiliations that do not fit into any of the regular types of relationships