Navigating Profile pages

To view a profile, search for the person or organization you want to view and click their name in the search results.

Navigating Profile Pages

Using the Profile Analysis Tabs

These tabs automatically analyze relationship data added by users and display it in ways that may be helpful for researchers, journalists and others. They are an easy way to filter complex networks and can save users a lot of manual tallying, but are not meant to offer an authoritative list of a person's or organization's closest affiliates. Relationships are merely counted, not weighted by importance or supported by original research.


Booz Allen Hamilton Interlocks Page

The Interlocks tab shows other organizations in which this organization’s (eg. Booz Allen Hamilton) people--leadership and staff--have positions. The orgs with most common people are shown first.

Giving & Political

Booz Allen Hamilton Giving Page

The Giving tab shows the politicians and organizations to which this organization’s people have made donations, in order by total amount donated.

The Political tab graphs the political donation data of this organization’s people by party, politicians and political orgs supported, as well as showing the biggest individual donors.


Booz Allen Hamilton Data Page

The Data page allow you to search all relationships that you can view in summary on the 'profile page'. You can filter relationships by type -- i.e. donation, position -- and the characteristics of the other entity in the relationship.