Editing an Entity

All analysts can edit the basic information displayed on any person or organization’s profile in LittleSis.

  1. Navigate to the profile of the person you'd like to Edit

  2. Click the Edit button below their name

  3. Enter information about the source of your information. All pieces of information on LittleSis require a link to a source where the information is from.

Add a source on the edit entity page

You have three options for picking a source:

  • You can click "create a new reference" and enter in a new URL
  • If there's an existing source for that profile page, you may select it from the drop down
  • If the edit is minor (such as fixing a typo) then you can select "just cleaning up"
  1. Update the field(s) with he additional or updated information and then click update to submit your changes. They will be visible right away on the profile page.


Aliases are alternative names that the company or person goes by. They are helpful for researchers who might be looking on the internet for more information about that entity. They also improve the search functionality on the site by making it easier to find people and orgs using their other names.


If you notice a name missing, type it into the box where it says create a new alias and click Add.