Concentric Sky and The World Bank Group did/do business

Service provider Concentric Sky
Client The World Bank Group
Start Date 2011-00-00
Goods In 2010, Concentric Sky Founder Wayne Skipper was asked to submit expert testimony to the Federal Trade Commission regarding Google's acquisition of Admob.[16][17] That same year, the company partnered with the World Bank[18] to develop a series of data visualization apps and partnered with National Geographic to design and build a series of official study apps for the National Geographic Bee.[4] In 2010, the Internet Engineering Task Force voted to make the company a development partner.[19]
Notes Quick Links Go to site navigation Go to page content Main Navigation WORK TEAM CONTACT ARTICLES An elderly woman sitting at her shop in a market surrounded by baskets of fresh vegetables. Previous & Next Work EntriesNext EntryPrevious Entry Theworldbank Work Detail Logo logo The World Bank The World Bank is a global financial institution that offers economic assistance to developing countries with an aim to reduce poverty around the world. Concentric Sky has developed a number of apps for the World Bank, including the widely-featured Doing Business at a Glance app that serves as an interactive companion to the bank's annual Doing Business report. The app quantifies business regulations and property rights across 183 economies with business reform summaries for each economy. Users can compare national economies against each other using a wide variety of economic indicators - all visualized in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that fits in the palm of your hand. Technology Profile Analytics / iOS A man holds his phone displaying the Doing Business at a Glance app. Professionals sitting around a desk with various charts. A woman holds the Doing Business at a Glance app while people take notes. A phone sitting on newspaper next to a cup of coffee, the phone shows the Doing Business at a Glance app. A man holds the Doing Business at a Glance app in front of a backdrop of a foggy city. Previous & Next Work EntriesNext Entry Cengage Previous Entry Emergent Healthcare Solutions Footer Facebook logo LinkedIn logo Twitter logo Call us at 541-342-8456 or email 2019 © Concentric Sky, Inc. All rights reserved.
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