Type Funder
Start Date 2009-00-00
End Date 2012-00-00
Goods Introduction The Learning Futures program began as a development and research initiative, focused on schools, between Innovation Unit1 and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation2, both UK-based organisations. The purpose was not to create innovative learning environments per se; but rather to address the persistent and endemic problem of the lack of engagement which characterises many young peopleā€Ÿs experience of schooling, and undermines their learning. Beginning in 2009 with initial scoping, analysis, horizon scanning, and discussions with schools and learners, the program evolved to become a practical innovation catalyst involving some 40 schools across England, eventually focusing on a smaller number of schools to develop a Learning Futures (LF) model in more depth. A number of these schools3 are included in the OECD Innovative Learning Environments Project Universe of case-study examples, and that material is not repeated here. Innovation Unit is now publishing a free set of materials and tools to assist schools who wish to move in this direction, and is working with a number of schools in the UK and internationally to support them in the change.

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