Cathedral of St. James, South Bend Indiana and Pete Buttigieg have/had a generic relationship

Church of Cathedral of St. James, South Bend Indiana
Attends Pete Buttigieg
Notes Although he has left the Catholicism of his upbringing, Buttigieg remains a deeply spiritual Christian. He is an Episcopalian. He and his husband, Chasten Glezman, are active members of the Cathedral of St. James. Buttigieg told an interviewer that he especially found the worldwide Anglican tradition’s Book of Common Prayer deeply moving. I have said before that the U.S. Constitution forbids any religious tests for public office—but nothing prevents voters from their own private tests. At one point, The Episcopal Church was far more influential in U. S. political life than its numbers would have suggested. 11 U. S. Presidents have been Episcopalian, more than any other denomination (Washington, Madison, Monroe, W. H. Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Pierce, Arthur, FDR, Ford, and GHW Bush).