Pro-business advocacy org headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
People Have Given To
People with positions in Georgia Chamber of Commerce have made donations to
Johnny Isakson $83,800 Stephen R Avera, Paul Bowers, Ronny Just, William H. Linginfelter, Chris Cummiskey, John D'Andrea, Kessel D Stelling Jr, Eric Tanenblatt, Ben Tarbutton III, Kirby A. Thompson, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Edward S. Heys, Jr., Pedro P. Cherry, Alfredo Ortiz, Joel Wernick
Mitt Romney $38,243 Stephen R Avera, William P Leahy, Joel Wernick, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Brian C. Fahrenthold, Eric Tanenblatt, Paul Bowers
Georgia Republican Party $30,390 Joel Wernick, Stephen R Avera, Eric Tanenblatt, Alfredo Ortiz, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Saxby Chambliss $24,650 Eric Tanenblatt, Ronny Just, Stephen R Avera, Chris Cummiskey, Paul Bowers, Kessel D Stelling Jr, Joel Wernick
David Perdue $22,700 Kessel D Stelling Jr, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Edward S. Heys, Jr., Paul Bowers
John S. McCain III $20,700 Eric Tanenblatt, Stephen R Avera, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Paul Bowers, Ben Tarbutton III
George W Bush $15,750 Eric Tanenblatt, Brian C. Fahrenthold, Henry P Linginfelter, Ben Tarbutton III, Stephen R Avera, Edward S. Heys, Jr., Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Austin Scott $14,000 Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Stephen R Avera
MidCountry Financial Corp $14,000 Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
National Republican Senatorial Committee $11,075 Stephen R Avera, Paul Bowers, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Republican National Committee $11,000 Alfredo Ortiz, Eric Tanenblatt, Chris Cummiskey, Paul Bowers, Stephen R Avera
21st Century Majority Fund $11,000 Kessel D Stelling Jr
Loose Group, the $10,025 Ben Tarbutton III
Georgia Federal Elections Committee $10,000 Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Chambliss Victory Committee $10,000 Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Perdue Victory $10,000 Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Sanford Dixon Bishop Jr $9,750 Joel Wernick, Kessel D Stelling Jr
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $7,000 Paul Bowers
Tom Price $6,850 Alfredo Ortiz, Kessel D Stelling Jr
Newt Gingrich $6,400 Kessel D Stelling Jr, Robert F. Hatcher, Jr., Joel Wernick