People Have Given To
People with positions in Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art have made donations to
Museum of Modern Art $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New York Presbyterian Hospital $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Brown University $36,666,667 Steven A Cohen
Robin Hood Foundation $22,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Friends of The Israel Defense Forces $5,200,000 Maurice Marciano
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $4,025,000 Daniel S Loeb
America Leads $3,000,000 Steven A Cohen
American Unity PAC Inc $1,700,000 Daniel S Loeb
Republican National Committee $1,316,750 Marc I Stern, Fred C Sands, Daniel S Loeb, Steven T Mnuchin, Edward J Minskoff, Maurice Marciano, Nancy Marks, Carolyn Clark Powers, Ariel Z Emanuel
Democratic National Committee $1,272,450 Jamie Tisch, Darren Star, Eli Broad, Eric Garcetti, Nancy Marks, George David Kieffer, Steve Tisch, Peter Morton, Jeffrey Soros, Stanley P Gold, Maurice Marciano, Beatrice Gersh, Bruce Karatz, Daniel S Loeb, Aileen Getty, David G Johnson, Jane F Nathanson, Ariel Z Emanuel, Beth Swofford, Peter M Brant, Tom Unterman
Parents and Teachers for Tuck $1,000,000 Eli Broad
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $911,149 Ariel Z Emanuel, Maurice Marciano, Eli Broad, Peter Morton, Tom Unterman, Steve Tisch, Stanley P Gold
Right to Rise USA $882,900 Daniel S Loeb
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $781,550 Tom Unterman, Nancy Marks, Daniel S Loeb, Edward J Minskoff, Steven T Mnuchin, Ariel Z Emanuel, Eli Broad, Steve Tisch, Maurice Marciano, David G Johnson, Peter Morton, Steven A Cohen, Beth Swofford, Stanley P Gold, Bruce Karatz
Congressional Leadership Fund $700,000 Daniel S Loeb
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $697,129 Bruce Karatz, Jeffrey Soros, Steve Tisch, Ariel Z Emanuel, Jane F Nathanson, Stanley P Gold, Maurice Marciano, Peter Morton, Jamie Tisch, Daniel S Loeb, David G Johnson, Eli Broad, Tom Unterman
Mount Sinai Medical Center $501,000 Steven A Cohen
New Yorkers For Putting Students First $480,000 Daniel S Loeb
National Republican Senatorial Committee $460,650 Steven A Cohen, Marc I Stern, Fred C Sands, Edward J Minskoff, Carolyn Clark Powers, Daniel S Loeb
Great Public Schools PAC $450,000 Daniel S Loeb