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People Have Given To
People with positions in The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C. have made donations to
Republican National Committee $174,000 John G Stumpf, Henry L Meyer III, Ralph W Babb Jr, Kelly S King, Richard K Davis, James E Rohr, Vikram S Pandit
National Republican Congressional Committee $128,350 Brian T Moynihan, James E Rohr, Michael Corbat, Ralph W Babb Jr, Vikram S Pandit
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $115,500 Robert P Kelly, Seth Waugh, Brian T Moynihan, Jamie Dimon, Michael Corbat
Boehner for Speaker Cmte $100,000 James E Rohr
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $100,000 James E Rohr
Romney Victory $82,500 Michael Corbat, Richard K Davis, James E Rohr
Capital One Financial Corp. Assoc. Political Fund $80,000 Richard D Fairbank
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Federal (Citigroup PAC-Federal) $62,056 Michael Corbat, Vikram S Pandit
Jpmorgan Chase & Co. Federal Political Action Committee $60,000 Jamie Dimon
DNC Non-Federal Unincorporated Association Account $52,000 Jamie Dimon
Dscc/Non-Fed Unincorp Assoc $50,000 Jamie Dimon
Trump Victory $50,000 James E Rohr
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Federal/State $43,920 Jamie Dimon, Vikram S Pandit, Ellen Alemany, Michael Corbat
Mitt Romney $35,500 Richard K Davis, James E Rohr, John G Stumpf, Kelly S King, Michael Corbat
Rob Portman $34,800 Richard K Davis, Michael Corbat, Jamie Dimon, John G Stumpf, Vikram S Pandit
Chris Dodd $29,950 Jamie Dimon, Richard K Davis, Robert P Kelly, Brian T Moynihan, Michael Corbat, Ellen Alemany, Richard D Fairbank
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $23,000 Jamie Dimon
Wells Fargo and Company Employee PAC (Aka Wells Fargo Employee PAC) $22,464 John G Stumpf
Richard C Shelby $22,200 Michael Corbat, Richard D Fairbank, Richard K Davis, Robert P Kelly, John G Stumpf, Jamie Dimon
Dcccc Non-Federal Account 5 $22,000 Jamie Dimon