F/K/A SAC Capital Advisors ; Major hedge fund founded in 1992 by Steven Cohen
Mr. Cohen indicated late last year that as the firm converted to a family office, an investment firm that is less regulated than a hedge fund but... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Point72 Asset Management have made donations to
Museum of Modern Art $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New York Presbyterian Hospital $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Brown University $36,666,667 Steven A Cohen
Robin Hood Foundation $22,000,000 Steven A Cohen
America Leads $3,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $1,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Mount Sinai Medical Center $501,000 Steven A Cohen
Hillary Victory Fund $484,776 Adam Sender
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $199,940 Adam Sender, Steven A Cohen, Donald T Cohen, Andrew Mullhaupt, Peter Nussbaum, Gary Goldring, David Ganek, Thomas Conheeney
Democratic National Committee $150,250 Thomas J Tisch, Adam Sender, Andrew Mullhaupt, John Sabat
Andrew Cuomo $144,000 David Ganek, Bryan Binder, Gary Goldring, James Haber, Steven A Cohen, John Sabat
National Republican Senatorial Committee $119,200 Peter Nussbaum, Steven A Cohen, James Haber, Nicholas Tiller, David Fiszel, Michael C. Sullivan
Mitt Romney $107,500 Solomon Kumin, Gary Goldring, David Ganek, Peter Nussbaum, Ted Orenstein, Nicholas Tiller, David Fiszel, James Haber, J A McEntire
New Day for America $100,000 Nicholas Tiller
Chris Dodd $88,800 Steven A Cohen, David Older, Andrew Schwartz, Thomas J Tisch, Jonathan Weiner, James Haber, Christopher Lasusa, Andrew Mullhaupt, John Sabat, Nicholas Tiller, Gary Goldring, Anthony Chiasson, Ted Orenstein, Anthony Chedid, William Hoh, Peter Nussbaum, David Ganek, Thomas Conheeney, David Fiszel, William Nietzel, Anthony Vaccarino, Solomon Kumin
Barack Obama $76,950 David Ganek, David Older, Jonathan Weiner, Christopher Lasusa, Andrew Mullhaupt, Gary Goldring, Steven A Cohen, John Sabat, Adam Sender, David Fiszel
Coalition For Public Charter Schools PAC $65,000 Thomas J Tisch
Republican National Committee $62,700 J A McEntire, Peter Nussbaum, Nicholas Tiller, Solomon Kumin, Robyn Vescovi
Managed Funds Association Political Action Committee $55,000 Steven A Cohen, Peter Nussbaum, Anthony Chiasson, David Ganek
Take Back the House $40,000 Nicholas Tiller, Solomon Kumin, J A McEntire, Steven A Cohen