F/K/A SAC Capital Advisors ; Major hedge fund founded in 1992 by Steven Cohen
Mr. Cohen indicated late last year that as the firm converted to a family office, an investment firm that is less regulated than a hedge fund but... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Point72 Asset Management have made donations to
Museum of Modern Art $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New York Presbyterian Hospital $50,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Brown University $36,666,667 Steven A Cohen
Robin Hood Foundation $22,000,000 Steven A Cohen
America Leads $3,000,000 Steven A Cohen
New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany $1,000,000 Steven A Cohen
Mount Sinai Medical Center $501,000 Steven A Cohen
Hillary Victory Fund $484,776 Adam Sender
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $199,940 Andrew Mullhaupt, Peter Nussbaum, Gary Goldring, David Ganek, Thomas Conheeney, Adam Sender, Steven A Cohen, Donald T Cohen
Democratic National Committee $150,250 Adam Sender, Andrew Mullhaupt, John Sabat, Thomas J Tisch
Andrew Cuomo $144,000 David Ganek, Steven A Cohen, James Haber, John Sabat, Bryan Binder, Gary Goldring
National Republican Senatorial Committee $119,200 Steven A Cohen, James Haber, Nicholas Tiller, David Fiszel, Michael C. Sullivan, Peter Nussbaum
Mitt Romney $107,500 Peter Nussbaum, Ted Orenstein, Nicholas Tiller, David Fiszel, James Haber, J A McEntire, Solomon Kumin, Gary Goldring, David Ganek
New Day for America $100,000 Nicholas Tiller
Chris Dodd $88,800 Anthony Chedid, William Hoh, Peter Nussbaum, David Ganek, Thomas Conheeney, David Fiszel, William Nietzel, Anthony Vaccarino, Solomon Kumin, Steven A Cohen, David Older, Andrew Schwartz, Thomas J Tisch, Jonathan Weiner, James Haber, Christopher Lasusa, Andrew Mullhaupt, John Sabat, Nicholas Tiller, Gary Goldring, Anthony Chiasson, Ted Orenstein
Barack Obama $76,950 Steven A Cohen, John Sabat, Adam Sender, David Fiszel, David Ganek, David Older, Jonathan Weiner, Christopher Lasusa, Andrew Mullhaupt, Gary Goldring
Coalition For Public Charter Schools PAC $65,000 Thomas J Tisch
Republican National Committee $62,700 Peter Nussbaum, Nicholas Tiller, Solomon Kumin, Robyn Vescovi, J A McEntire
Managed Funds Association Political Action Committee $55,000 Peter Nussbaum, Anthony Chiasson, David Ganek, Steven A Cohen
Take Back the House $40,000 Solomon Kumin, J A McEntire, Steven A Cohen, Nicholas Tiller