Provides support for the Gerald R Ford Presidential Library and Museum
People Have Given To
People with positions in Gerald R Ford Foundation have made donations to
Dick And Betsy Devos Foundation $41,505,000 Richard DeVos
University of Michigan $10,000,000 Ronald Weiser
Republican National Committee $2,500,460 Carla A Hills, Albert C Zapanta, Steve Van Andel, David A Brandon, Roderick M Hills, Frank G Zarb, Ronald Weiser, Richard DeVos, Donald H Rumsfeld, Leon Parma, Henry A Kissinger, Peter F Secchia, Dick Cheney, Mark A Murray, Red Cavaney, Hank Meijer, William T Coleman Jr, James Addison Baker III, John Engler, Brent Scowcroft, James T Lynn, Ralph W Hauenstein, Doug DeVos, Roger B Porter
Freedom Partners Action Fund $2,250,000 Richard DeVos
Progress for America Voter Fund $2,000,000 Richard DeVos
RNC Republican National State Elections Committee $1,167,604 Ronald Weiser, Dick Cheney, James T Lynn, Roderick M Hills, Robert P Griffin, David A Brandon, Red Cavaney, Brent Scowcroft, Peter F Secchia, Richard DeVos, Donald H Rumsfeld
Michigan Republican Party $845,389 Robert P Griffin, Mark A Murray, Hank Meijer, Richard DeVos, Ralph W Hauenstein, Frederik GH Meijer, John Engler, Peter F Secchia, David A Brandon, Ronald Weiser, James P Hackett, Doug DeVos, Steve Van Andel
Senate Leadership Fund $685,000 Hank Meijer, Richard DeVos, Doug DeVos
National Republican Congressional Committee $585,750 Peter F Secchia, Carla A Hills, Steve Van Andel, Brent Scowcroft, Ronald Weiser, Donald H Rumsfeld, James P Hackett, Ralph W Hauenstein, Red Cavaney, Hank Meijer, David A Brandon, Henry A Kissinger, Roderick M Hills, Richard DeVos, William T Coleman Jr, John Engler, Mark A Murray, Doug DeVos
Ending Spending Action Fund $515,000 Richard DeVos, Doug DeVos, Peter F Secchia, Ronald Weiser
National Republican Senatorial Committee $469,945 David A Brandon, Roderick M Hills, Leon Parma, Henry A Kissinger, Albert C Zapanta, Red Cavaney, James Addison Baker III, Richard DeVos, Hank Meijer, William T Coleman Jr, Ronald Weiser, Ralph W Hauenstein, Donald H Rumsfeld, John Engler, Dick Cheney, Doug DeVos, Brent Scowcroft, Robert P Griffin
Conservative Solutions PAC $350,000 Doug DeVos, Richard DeVos
Trump Victory $287,998 Doug DeVos, Ronald Weiser, Peter F Secchia, Richard DeVos
American Crossroads $275,000 Peter F Secchia, Richard DeVos, Doug DeVos, Ronald Weiser
Right to Rise USA $269,474 Richard DeVos, Mark A Murray, Doug DeVos, John Engler, Hank Meijer
Conservative, Authentic, Responsive Leadership $250,000 Richard DeVos
Trusted Leadership Pac $250,000 Richard DeVos
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $242,500 Doug DeVos, Mark A Murray, John Engler, Peter F Secchia, Richard DeVos
Meijer PAC $205,000 Hank Meijer
New Republican PAC $200,000 Richard DeVos, Doug DeVos