Second-largest private company in the US, involved in manufacturing, trading and investments
Koch Industries owns a diverse group of companies involved in refining and chemicals; process and pollution control equipment and technologies;... more »
Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of Koch Industries, Inc. also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Molex Inc Ronald Dean Vaupel, Steven L Packebush, David May, Jeffrey Neal Gentry, Joseph W Moeller, Randall A Bushman, Michael B Hofmann, Charles de Ganahl Koch, James Louis Mahoney, John Charles Pittenger, Stephen P Mawer, David Lee Robertson, David Koch
Americans for Prosperity Foundation David Koch, Charles G. Koch, Rich Fink, Nancy Pfotenhauer, Wayne Gable, Alan Cobb
Claude R. Lambe Foundation Rich Fink, David Koch, Kevin Gentry, Wayne Gable, Charles G. Koch, Alex Beehler
Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce Mark Holden, Kevin Gentry, Marc Short, Rich Fink, Wayne Gable
Cato Institute Charles G. Koch, Nancy Pfotenhauer, David Koch, Kevin Gentry
Charles Koch Foundation Wayne Gable, Rich Fink, Kevin Gentry, Charles G. Koch
Georgia-Pacific LLC Charles G. Koch, Benjamin J Pratt, Rich Fink, David L Robertson
Citizens for a Sound Economy Rich Fink, Nancy Pfotenhauer, Charles G. Koch
Mercatus Center Charles G. Koch, Rich Fink, Kevin Gentry
Flint Hills Resources, LP David L Robertson, Katie Stavinoha, James L Mahoney
Koch Agriculture Company Randall Huffman, Dean Watson, David L Robertson
Institute for Energy Research Charles G. Koch, Thomas J Pyle, Wayne Gable
Fred C and Mary R Koch Foundation David Koch, Charles G. Koch, Rich Fink
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC Kevin Gentry, Katie Stavinoha, Marc Short
Americans for Prosperity Rich Fink, David Koch, Nancy Pfotenhauer
John McCain 2008 Inc. Soren Dayton, Nancy Pfotenhauer
Institute for Humane Studies Kevin Gentry, Charles G. Koch
Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC David L Robertson, David Koch
INVISTA B.V. Mark Humphrey, David L Robertson
Koch Supply & Trading, LP Benjamin J Pratt, Stephen P Mawer