San Francisco Foundation fund for affordable housing
In 1983, BRIDGE Housing was formed from a major anonymous grant given to the San Francisco Foundation to spearhead new solutions to the worsening... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in BRIDGE Housing have made donations to
Barack Obama $52,450 Douglas G Abbey, Carol Galante, Richard Holliday, Ray Carlisle, Lynn Sedway
Barbara Boxer $37,995 Lynn Sedway, Alan L Stein, Ray Carlisle, Richard Holliday, Peter Palmisano
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $35,700 Ray Carlisle, Lynn Sedway
Democratic National Committee $30,100 Lynn Sedway, Ray Carlisle
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $20,000 Ray Carlisle, Harry M Haigood, Richard Holliday, Lynn Sedway
Dianne Feinstein $18,350 Susanne B Wilson, Richard Holliday, Peter Palmisano, Lynn Sedway, Carol Galante, Robert Freed, Jim Wunderman, Alan L Stein
Barbara Lee $18,250 Ray Carlisle, Carol Galante, Jim Wunderman
Anna Eshoo $13,500 Dennis C O'Brien
Hillary Clinton $12,100 Lynn Sedway, Ray Carlisle, Harry M Haigood, Richard Holliday
Tom Campbell $11,200 Alan L Stein, Douglas G Abbey, Angelo Siracusa
Emily's List $9,800 Lynn Sedway, Sunne Wright McPeak
Nancy Pelosi $9,250 Alan L Stein, Lynn Sedway
PAC to the Future $6,500 Alan L Stein
Mitt Romney $6,250 Douglas G Abbey, Ron Nahas, Peter Palmisano, Alan L Stein
Pete Wilson $5,000 Anthony Frank, Dennis C O'Brien, Alan L Stein
Republican National Committee $5,000 Ray Carlisle, Peter Palmisano
Alameda County Democratic Central Committee $5,000 Ray Carlisle
Jane L Harman $3,750 Alan L Stein
Zoe Lofgren $3,750 Susanne B Wilson
George W Bush $3,500 Peter Palmisano, Robert Freed, Dennis C O'Brien