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People Have Given To
People with positions in Williams & Jensen have made donations to
Williams and Jensen, Pllc Political Action Committee $485,370 Karina Lynch, Susan Hirschmann, David Starr, Philip Bechtel, Anthony J Roda, Jenny Dijames, Patrick Pettey, Barnaby W Zall, Christopher Hatcher, Michael Beer, Frank Vlossak, Denis J Dwyer, Bert Carp, Joyce A Rogers, Butler Carson Derrick Jr, William B. Canfield, Robert E Glennon, George Olsen, Rebecca Anderson, Jeffrey Tassey, David E Franasiak, Tracy D Taylor, Karen J Lewis, George D Baker, Joel Oswald, J Steven Hart
National Republican Senatorial Committee $435,038 David E Franasiak, Christine Burgeson, Joel Oswald, Denis J Dwyer, Michael Beer, Karina Lynch, Frank Vlossak, Rebecca Anderson, David M Landers, Dirksen J Lehman, Susan Hirschmann, Christopher Hatcher, Robert E Glennon, Anthony J Roda, J Steven Hart
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $260,175 Robert E Glennon, Denis J Dwyer, Melinda Maxfield, George D Baker, David Starr, David E Franasiak, Jenny Dijames, George Olsen, Bert Carp, Joyce A Rogers
National Republican Congressional Committee $174,836 Ann S Costello, George D Baker, Frank Vlossak, Rebecca Anderson, Joel Oswald, Michael Beer, Tracy D Taylor, Susan Hirschmann, J Steven Hart
Monday Meeting PAC $76,600 Robert E Glennon, J Steven Hart, Michael Beer
Republican National Committee $71,700 Eric Stewart, Joseph L Seidel, J Steven Hart, Michael Beer, Christine Burgeson, Susan Hirschmann, David E Franasiak
Ryan-NRCC Victory Cmte $67,000 J Steven Hart, Susan Hirschmann
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $48,794 Robert J Martinez, Robert E Glennon, Joyce A Rogers, Bert Carp, Kevin B Kimble, Melinda Maxfield, David Starr, Jenny Dijames
Every Republican is Crucial PAC $41,200 Frank Vlossak, Erin Book, Joel Oswald, Anthony J Roda, Karina Lynch, Christopher Hatcher, Michael Beer, Susan Hirschmann, David E Franasiak, J Steven Hart
Fund for a Conservative Future $38,000 Michael Beer, George D Baker, J Steven Hart, Patrick Pettey
Patrick Tiberi $37,650 Susan Hirschmann, David E Franasiak, Joel Oswald, Eric Stewart, J Steven Hart, Christine Burgeson, Rebecca Anderson, Anthony J Roda, Bert Carp, Christopher Hatcher, Michael Beer, Frank Vlossak
Rob Portman $37,000 Eric Stewart, David E Franasiak, Anthony J Roda, Christopher Hatcher, Michael Beer, J Steven Hart, Susan Hirschmann, Rebecca Anderson, Robert E Glennon, Tracy D Taylor
Chuck Grassley $36,456 Michael Beer, Rebecca Anderson, Christopher Hatcher, Karina Lynch, Jeffrey Tassey, Robert E Glennon, Dirksen J Lehman, David E Franasiak, Susan Hirschmann, Frank Vlossak, J Steven Hart, Anthony J Roda
Roy Blunt $34,950 J Steven Hart, Christopher Hatcher, George Olsen, David E Franasiak, Susan Hirschmann, Christine Burgeson, Karina Lynch, David M Landers
Mitt Romney $33,300 Eric Stewart, George D Baker, Christopher Hatcher, Susan Hirschmann, J Steven Hart, Jeffrey Tassey, Frank Vlossak, Karina Lynch, Christine Burgeson, David M Landers, Robert E Glennon, Barbara W Bonfiglio, Rebecca Anderson, David E Franasiak
Harry Reid $31,000 Robert J Martinez, Robert E Glennon, George D Baker, Denis J Dwyer, Bert Carp, David Starr, Joyce A Rogers, George Olsen
Dscc/Non-Fed Unincorp Assoc $30,000 Bert Carp
Air Transportation Association of America PAC $30,000 Christine Burgeson
Ameripac: the Fund for a Greater America $29,500 George Olsen, Bert Carp, Joyce A Rogers, George D Baker, Arshi Siddiqui, David E Franasiak, Jenny Dijames, Denis J Dwyer
America Works PAC $29,500 Michael Beer, Jenny Dijames, David Starr