Agency Within Executive Office of the President Advising on Economics Domestic and International
The Council of Economic Advisers was established by Congress in the Employment Act of 1946. The portion of the bill that authorizes the Council is... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Council of Economic Advisers have made donations to
Democratic National Committee $138,300 Laura D Tyson, Joseph Stiglitz, Austan Goolsbee, William D Nordhaus, George Akerlof, Janet L Yellen, Peter Orszag
Hillary Victory Fund $83,415 Alan B Krueger, Peter Orszag
Barack Obama $62,832 Austan Goolsbee, Christina D Romer, Douglas Elmendorf, Rebecca M Blank, Alan B Krueger, Peter Orszag, Audrey Choi, Michael Greenstone, James H Stock, Joseph Stiglitz, William D Nordhaus, Laura D Tyson, Howard Shelanski
John S. McCain III $36,100 Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Martin S Feldstein, Marina von Neumann Whitman, R Glenn Hubbard
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $35,800 Peter Orszag
Republican National Committee $31,200 R Glenn Hubbard, Pierce Scranton, Michael H Moskow, Wallace P Mullin, Martin S Feldstein, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Douglas Holtz-Eakin
Chris Van Hollen $21,600 Peter Orszag
Citigroup Inc. Political Action Committee - Federal (Citigroup PAC-Federal) $20,000 Peter Orszag
Mitt Romney $18,800 Wallace P Mullin, R Glenn Hubbard
Hillary Clinton $17,000 Laura D Tyson, Peter Orszag, Alan B Krueger, Howard Shelanski
Judith Feder $15,250 Peter Orszag, Alan B Krueger, Alan S Blinder, Laura D Tyson, Jason Furman, Joseph Stiglitz
Daniel B Maffei $9,100 Jason Furman
John Kerry $8,750 Howard Shelanski, George Akerlof, Janet L Yellen, Marina von Neumann Whitman, Christina D Romer, Alan S Blinder, Mark Duggan
George W Bush $6,750 Michael H Moskow, Martin S Feldstein, R Glenn Hubbard, Pierce Scranton
Chuck Schumer $6,400 Alan S Blinder, Peter Orszag
Josh Gottheimer $5,900 Jason Furman, Alan B Krueger
Free and Strong America PAC Inc. $5,750 Wallace P Mullin, R Glenn Hubbard
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $5,700 William D Nordhaus, George Akerlof, Laura D Tyson
Elizabeth Warren $5,250 Christina D Romer, Joseph Stiglitz
Tim Kaine $5,000 Christina D Romer