Lobby firm, dubbed “a king of K Street” by POLITICO
People Have Given To
People with positions in Podesta Group Inc have made donations to
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $479,750 Gwen Mellor, Tony Podesta, Claudia James, Daniele Baierlein, Teal Baker, Walter Pryor, Paul Brathwaite, Izzy Klein, Andrew Kauders, Nicole Young, Andrew Lewin, Jaime R Harrison, Oscar Ramirez
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $332,485 Nicole Young, Izzy Klein, Oscar Ramirez, Claudia James, Cristina Antelo, Drew Littman, Hewitt Strange, Gwen Mellor, Paul Brathwaite, Lauren Maddox, Donni Turner, Tony Podesta, Michelle Ballantyne, Jaime R Harrison, Sheila Nix, John Podesta, Walter Pryor
National Republican Senatorial Committee $159,575 James Dyer, Michael Quaranta, David Marin, Stephen Northrup, Stephen Rademaker, Josh Holly, Kimberley Fritts, Randall Gerard, Daniel Mattoon
National Republican Congressional Committee $117,185 Michael Quaranta, Randall Gerard, John Scofield, David Marin, James Dyer, Lauren Maddox, Stephen Rademaker, Daniel Mattoon, Stephen Northrup
Hillary for America $71,120 Tony Podesta
Senate Majority PAC $50,000 Tony Podesta
Democratic National Committee $39,000 Tony Podesta, Timothy Glassco, Claudia James
Mitt Romney $38,742 Randall Gerard, Daniel Mattoon, James Dyer, Stephen Northrup, Michael Quaranta, Kimberley Fritts, Josh Holly, Stephen Rademaker, John Scofield, Lauren Maddox, David Marin
John Boehner $38,000 Stephen Northrup, Josh Holly, Daniel Mattoon, Kimberley Fritts, James Dyer, Lauren Maddox, Randall Gerard, Gwen Mellor, Michael Quaranta, John Scofield, David Marin
Hillary Victory Fund $37,100 Tony Podesta, Sheila Nix
Kendrick B Meek $33,850 Claudia James, John Scofield, Oscar Ramirez, Gwen Mellor, Tony Podesta, Jaime R Harrison, Donni Turner, Teal Baker, Nicole Young, Andrew Lewin, Cristina Antelo, Paul Brathwaite
Ed Markey $31,250 Tony Podesta, Izzy Klein, Daniel Mattoon, Claudia James
Every Republican is Crucial PAC $28,500 Daniel Mattoon, James Dyer, John Scofield
Hillary Clinton $27,550 Andrew Lewin, Claudia James, Cristina Antelo, Sheila Nix, Tony Podesta, Gwen Mellor, Daniele Baierlein, John Podesta
Xavier Becerra $25,700 Tony Podesta, Donni Turner, Oscar Ramirez, Paul Brathwaite, Nicole Young, Gwen Mellor, Jaime R Harrison, Claudia James, Daniele Baierlein
Mary L Landrieu $25,500 Hewitt Strange, Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Claudia James, Timothy Glassco
Patrick Leahy $23,195 Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Claudia James
Keep Our Mission PAC $23,000 Kimberley Fritts, Lauren Maddox, Daniel Mattoon
James Enos Clyburn $21,650 Timothy Glassco, Claudia James, Izzy Klein, Teal Baker, Jaime R Harrison, Donni Turner, Oscar Ramirez, Cristina Antelo, Gwen Mellor, Andrew Lewin, Tony Podesta, Paul Brathwaite, Nicole Young
Chuck Schumer $21,650 Daniele Baierlein, Andrew Lewin, Claudia James, Gwen Mellor, Paul Brathwaite, Izzy Klein, Jaime R Harrison, Tony Podesta