Lobby firm, dubbed “a king of K Street” by POLITICO
People Have Given To
People with positions in Podesta Group Inc have made donations to
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $479,750 Gwen Mellor, Oscar Ramirez, Tony Podesta, Claudia James, Daniele Baierlein, Jaime R Harrison, Teal Baker, Walter Pryor, Paul Brathwaite, Izzy Klein, Andrew Kauders, Nicole Young, Andrew Lewin
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $333,485 Jaime R Harrison, Nicole Young, Izzy Klein, Claudia James, Drew Littman, Oscar Ramirez, Cristina Antelo, Gwen Mellor, Paul Brathwaite, Lauren Maddox, Hewitt Strange, Donni Turner, Tony Podesta, Sheila Nix, Michelle Ballantyne, John Podesta, Walter Pryor
National Republican Senatorial Committee $159,575 James Dyer, David Marin, Michael Quaranta, Stephen Northrup, Stephen Rademaker, Kimberley Fritts, Randall Gerard, Josh Holly, Daniel Mattoon
National Republican Congressional Committee $117,185 Stephen Northrup, Michael Quaranta, Randall Gerard, John Scofield, Lauren Maddox, David Marin, James Dyer, Daniel Mattoon, Stephen Rademaker
Hillary for America $71,120 Tony Podesta
Senate Majority PAC $50,000 Tony Podesta
Democratic National Committee $40,500 Tony Podesta, Timothy Glassco, Jaime R Harrison, Claudia James
Ed Markey $39,250 Tony Podesta, Izzy Klein, Daniel Mattoon, Claudia James
Mitt Romney $38,742 Randall Gerard, Daniel Mattoon, David Marin, James Dyer, Stephen Northrup, Kimberley Fritts, Michael Quaranta, John Scofield, Lauren Maddox, Josh Holly, Stephen Rademaker
John Boehner $38,000 David Marin, Michael Quaranta, Daniel Mattoon, Stephen Northrup, Josh Holly, Kimberley Fritts, Lauren Maddox, Randall Gerard, John Scofield, James Dyer, Gwen Mellor
Hillary Victory Fund $37,100 Tony Podesta, Sheila Nix
Kendrick B Meek $33,850 John Scofield, Claudia James, Gwen Mellor, Tony Podesta, Oscar Ramirez, Donni Turner, Teal Baker, Nicole Young, Jaime R Harrison, Andrew Lewin, Paul Brathwaite, Cristina Antelo
Every Republican is Crucial PAC $28,500 Daniel Mattoon, James Dyer, John Scofield
Hillary Clinton $28,300 John Podesta, Andrew Lewin, Claudia James, Sheila Nix, Cristina Antelo, Tony Podesta, Jaime R Harrison, Gwen Mellor, Daniele Baierlein
Xavier Becerra $26,700 Tony Podesta, Donni Turner, Paul Brathwaite, Nicole Young, Oscar Ramirez, Gwen Mellor, Jaime R Harrison, Claudia James, Daniele Baierlein
Mary L Landrieu $26,000 Hewitt Strange, Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Jaime R Harrison, Claudia James, Timothy Glassco
Patrick Leahy $23,445 Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Izzy Klein, Claudia James
Jim Clyburn $23,400 Nicole Young, Andrew Lewin, Timothy Glassco, Claudia James, Izzy Klein, Teal Baker, Donni Turner, Jaime R Harrison, Gwen Mellor, Oscar Ramirez, Cristina Antelo, Tony Podesta, Paul Brathwaite
Keep Our Mission PAC $23,000 Kimberley Fritts, Lauren Maddox, Daniel Mattoon
Chuck Schumer $22,650 Jaime R Harrison, Daniele Baierlein, Claudia James, Andrew Lewin, Gwen Mellor, Paul Brathwaite, Izzy Klein, Tony Podesta