Independent, nondenominational women's college
Smith College opened in 1875 with 14 students. Today, Smith is among the largest women’s colleges in the United States, with students from every... more »
People Have Given To
People with positions in Smith College have made donations to
Republican National Committee $90,450 Elizabeth M Eveillard, April Hoxie Foley
Barack Obama $80,300 Ruth J Simmons, Jill K Conway, Judith C Pelham, Lois Perelson-Gross, Joan F Lane, Alison Overseth, Deborah Keiko Reeves Berger, Susan Goodman Novick, Neelum Amin, Sally Katzen, Lois Thompson
John S. McCain III $74,400 Elizabeth M Eveillard, April Hoxie Foley
National Republican Senatorial Committee $61,400 Elizabeth M Eveillard, Deborah A Farrington
Democratic National Committee $42,105 Judith C Pelham, Sally Katzen, Lois Perelson-Gross, Jill K Conway, Elizabeth M Eveillard, Ruth J Simmons, Linda Smith Charles, Joan F Lane
Hillary Clinton $28,250 Jill K Conway, Sally Katzen, Barbara Dodd Massey, Deborah A Farrington, Deborah Keiko Reeves Berger, Alison Overseth, Lois Perelson-Gross, Judith C Pelham
Mitt Romney $19,300 Elizabeth M Eveillard, Deborah A Farrington, April Hoxie Foley
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund $15,000 Joan F Lane
John Kerry $11,250 Neelum Amin, Sally Katzen, Jill K Conway, Judith C Pelham, Joan F Lane, Deborah A Farrington, Alison Overseth
Anna Eshoo $10,600 Joan F Lane
Sue W Kelly $10,100 April Hoxie Foley
Managed Funds Association Political Action Committee $10,000 Deborah Keiko Reeves Berger
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $9,812 Jill K Conway, Sally Katzen
Republican Party of Minnesota $9,250 Elizabeth M Eveillard
Republican Party of Wisconsin $9,250 Elizabeth M Eveillard
Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Committee $9,250 Elizabeth M Eveillard
Republican Campaign Committee of New Mexico $9,250 Elizabeth M Eveillard
Alliant Techsystems Inc. Employee Citizenship Fund $9,200 April Hoxie Foley
Barbara Boxer $8,800 Judith C Pelham, Jill K Conway, Joan F Lane
Tom Campbell $8,000 Joan F Lane