Orgs with Common People
Leadership and staff of United States Air Force also have positions in these orgs
OrgCommon People
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Ralph Wade, Henry A Obering III, Randy Hayes, Todd Harrison, Ken Mills, Ronald Sanders, Gary Voellger, Ronald T Kadish, Rick Holley, Tom Moorman, Del Eulberg, Patrick Sorrenti, Theodore M Shema Jr
US Department of Defense Rudy deLeon, Arthur L. Money, John Nichols, Craig William Duehring, Jeh Johnson, Henry A Obering III, Mark Gunzinger, Ronald Sanders, General John P Jumper
Atlantic Council Michael Hayden, General John P Jumper, Deborah Lee James, T Allan McArtor
RAND Corporation Eric A Hanushek, Dr Donald B Rice, John W Handy, John Stillion
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Todd Harrison, Mark Gunzinger, John Stillion, Robert Haffa
Northrop Grumman Corporation Christopher Mears, John Stillion, Robert Haffa
Leidos Holdings, Inc. Deborah Lee James, General John P Jumper, Mark S Williams
Office of the Director of National Intelligence Henry A Obering III, Ronald Sanders, Michael Hayden
National Security Agency Theodore M Shema Jr, John C Inglis, Michael Hayden
United States Air Force Academy Robert Haffa, T Allan McArtor, Eric A Hanushek
Citigroup Inc. Jeh Johnson, Kevin Fitzgerald
Morgan Stanley Frank V Sica, Thomas D Lunt
FedEx T Allan McArtor, John C Inglis
Raytheon Company Thomas A Kennedy, John Nichols
House Armed Services Committee Rudy deLeon, Deborah Lee James
United States Department of Justice Steven A Shaw, Alberto Gonzales
Department of Homeland Security Robert D Rodriguez, Jeh Johnson
Stanford University John W Gardner, Robert D Rodriguez
National Security Council Rudy deLeon, Mark Gunzinger
Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, John Alex McCone