People Have Given To
People with positions in Department of the Interior have made donations to
Barack Obama $30,950 Michael L Connor, John Leshy, Thomas Lee Strickland, Sally Jewell, Ken Salazar, David J Hayes, Peter Trick, Paul Bledsoe
Mitt Romney $21,650 Daniel Jorjani, David L Bernhardt, Ann Klee, Robert D Comer, Dirk Kempthorne, Richard R Roldan
All America PAC $20,000 David J Hayes
General Electric Company Political Action Committee (Gepac) $16,526 Ann Klee
Hillary Clinton $15,300 David J Hayes, Paul Bledsoe, John Leshy
Democratic National Committee $13,550 John Leshy, Thomas Lee Strickland, John Berry, Paul Bledsoe, Ann Klee, David J Hayes
Mark Udall $12,300 David J Hayes, Stewart Udall, John Leshy, Sally Jewell, Paul Bledsoe
George W Bush $11,500 David L Bernhardt, J Steven Griles, Ann Klee, Gale Norton, Daniel Jorjani
Outdoor Industry Association PAC $11,500 Sally Jewell
National Republican Senatorial Committee $10,000 David L Bernhardt
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck P.C. Political Action Committee $8,400 David L Bernhardt
John S. McCain III $7,250 David L Bernhardt, Doug Domenech, Daniel Jorjani, Orme Lewis, Gale Norton
Forward Together PAC $7,000 Paul Bledsoe, Thomas Lee Strickland
Tom Udall $6,500 John Leshy, Michael L Connor, Stewart Udall, David J Hayes
Retail Industry Leaders Association Political Action Committee Aka Retail Leaders PAC $6,500 Sally Jewell
Cory Gardner $6,350 Robert D Comer, David L Bernhardt
John Kerry $5,800 Michael L Connor, Paul Bledsoe, John Leshy, David J Hayes
Patty Murray $5,550 Matthew Larocco, Sally Jewell
Mike Lee $5,500 David L Bernhardt
Jay Robert Inslee $5,300 Sally Jewell