People Have Given To
People with positions in Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee have made donations to
Ted Cruz $545,500 Ted Cruz, Pablo Chavez
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $102,354 Gerald Grinstein, Andy Davis, Moses Boyd, Samuel Whitehorn
Barack Obama $101,700 Moses Boyd, Gerald Grinstein
Democratic National Committee $62,850 Samuel Whitehorn, Gerald Grinstein
John S. McCain III $46,550 Randall Gerard, Mark Buse, Robert Chamberlin, William M Diefenderfer III, John W Timmons, Paula Pleas Timmons, Pablo Chavez
Sallie Mae Inc Political Action Committee (Sallie Mae PAC) $41,000 William M Diefenderfer III
Republican National Committee $38,000 Ted Stevens, William M Diefenderfer III
National Venture Capital Association Venturepac $30,862 Keith Geeslin
National Republican Senatorial Committee $30,525 Robert Chamberlin, Paula Pleas Timmons, William M Diefenderfer III, Randall Gerard, John W Timmons
Maria E Cantwell $27,100 Moses Boyd, Gerald Grinstein, Samuel Whitehorn, Paula Pleas Timmons
Hillary Clinton $17,500 Ivan A Schlager, Samuel Whitehorn, Moses Boyd
Patty Murray $16,300 Paula Pleas Timmons, Samuel Whitehorn, Gerald Grinstein, John W Timmons
Jon Tester $15,000 Samuel Whitehorn, Moses Boyd
National Republican Congressional Committee $14,687 Randall Gerard, William M Diefenderfer III
George W Bush $12,500 John Thune, Randall Gerard, Mark Buse, William M Diefenderfer III, Ted Cruz, Ted Stevens
Heidi Heitkamp $11,550 Samuel Whitehorn
John Boehner $10,500 William M Diefenderfer III, Randall Gerard
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $10,500 Moses Boyd
George Allen $10,000 Paula Pleas Timmons, Robert Chamberlin, John W Timmons, William M Diefenderfer III
Air Transportation Association of America PAC $10,000 Gerald Grinstein