Petroleum refinery company
People Have Given To
People with positions in Tesoro Petroleum Companies, Inc. have made donations to
Romney Victory $100,000 John F Bookout III
Republican National Committee $99,300 John F Bookout III, Jim W Nokes, A Maurice Myers, David Lilley, Gregory James Goff
Tesoro Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee $54,083 Bruce A Smith, William J Finnerty, Gregory A Wright, Everett D Lewis, Gregory James Goff, Lynn D Westfall, Brian K Sullivan
John McCain $45,200 John F Bookout III, Jim W Nokes, A Maurice Myers
National Republican Senatorial Committee $37,740 John F Bookout III, Bruce A Smith, Patrick J Ward, Susan Tomasky
Mitt Romney $30,750 John F Bookout III, Jim W Nokes, Edward G Galante, Gregory James Goff
America Works PAC $30,000 Susan Tomasky
The American Electric Power Committee for Responsible Government $29,175 Susan Tomasky
KPMG Partners & Principals & Employees Political Action Committee $24,843 Mary Pat McCarthy
Sherrod Brown $24,200 Susan Tomasky
Democratic National Committee $20,666 Steven H Grapstein, Susan Tomasky
Ohio Democratic Party $17,916 Susan Tomasky
George W Bush $17,000 John F Bookout III, Steven H Grapstein, Jim W Nokes, Bruce A Smith, Gregory A Wright, A Maurice Myers, Edward G Galante, William H Schumann III, Mary Pat McCarthy
Marco Rubio $15,300 John F Bookout III, Edward G Galante
American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (Afpmpac) $15,000 William J Finnerty, Gregory James Goff
Barack Obama $12,065 Susan Tomasky
Jeanne Shaheen $11,500 Susan Tomasky
Harry Reid $9,800 Susan Tomasky
Goldman Sachs Political Action Committee $9,050 Patrick J Ward
Exxon Mobil Corporation Political Action Committee (Exxonmobil PAC) $8,645 Edward G Galante