Plastics, chemical, and refining company
People Have Given To
People with positions in LyondellBasell Industries N.V. have made donations to
National Republican Senatorial Committee $202,140 Bruce A Smith, Robert G Gwin, Joshua J Harris
Congressional Leadership Fund $150,000 Joshua J Harris
Mitt Romney $78,100 Robert G Gwin, Joshua J Harris, Marvin O Schlanger, Kevin W Brown
Republican National Committee $47,000 Robert G Gwin, Joshua J Harris, Kevin W Brown
Lyondell Chemical Company PAC $46,389 James L Gallogly, Kevin W Brown, Bhavesh V Patel, Jeffrey A Kaplan, Lincoln E Benet
American Chemistry Council PAC $30,000 James L Gallogly, Nance K Dicciani, Marvin O Schlanger, Bhavesh V Patel
Chuck Schumer $26,600 Joshua J Harris, Lincoln E Benet
American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (Afpmpac) $24,500 Kevin W Brown
Hatch Victory Cmte $17,500 Joshua J Harris
John S. McCain III $13,100 Joshua J Harris
Mark Steven Kirk $12,800 Joshua J Harris
New Jersey Democratic State Committee $12,000 Marvin O Schlanger
Democratic National Committee $11,231 Marvin O Schlanger
Tesoro Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee $11,137 Bruce A Smith
Romney Victory $10,000 Kevin W Brown
Indiana Democratic Congressional Victory Committee $10,000 Joshua J Harris
American Airlines Political Action Committee $10,000 Bella Goren
Ted Cruz $10,000 Robert G Gwin
National Republican Congressional Committee $10,000 Joshua J Harris
Pat Toomey $10,000 Joshua J Harris
Updated 7 months ago