Multinational consumer electronics and software company
People Have Given To
People with positions in Apple, Inc. have made donations to
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $422,000 Eric E Schmidt, Steve Wozniak, Millard S Drexler, Megan Smith, Steve Jobs, James A Bell, William V Campbell, Jonathan J Rosenberg, Bob Iger
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $403,650 Bob Iger, Eric E Schmidt, Jonathan J Rosenberg, Millard S Drexler, Andrea Jung, Arthur D Levinson, William V Campbell
Hillary Victory Fund $337,600 Angela Ahrendts, Tim Cook, Bob Iger
Democratic National Committee $263,550 James M Burger, David Byer, David J Barram, Sina Tamaddon, Bob Iger, Millard S Drexler, Eric E Schmidt, Steve Jurvetson, Catherine Novelli, Andrea Jung, Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, James A Bell, Bruce Sewell
DNC-Non-Federal Individual $262,500 Steve Jobs, Eric E Schmidt, Millard S Drexler
Barack Obama $221,300 Bridget R Berman, Millard S Drexler, William V Campbell, Donald J Rosenberg, Sina Tamaddon, James A Bell, Andrea Jung, Scott Forstall, Joel M Podolny, Tim Cook, Fred D Anderson, Charles N Charnas, Bob Iger, Jerome B York, Eric E Schmidt, Steve Wozniak, Bruce Sewell, Steve Jurvetson, Susan M Schmidt
National Republican Senatorial Committee $81,250 Eric E Schmidt, Jonathan J Rosenberg, Arthur D Levinson
Google Inc. Google Netpac $75,000 Eric E Schmidt, Megan Smith, Jonathan J Rosenberg, William V Campbell, David Girouard
Genentech Inc. Political Action Committee $66,372 Arthur D Levinson
House Senate Victory Fund $66,200 Bob Iger
Walt Disney Productions Employees PAC (Disney Employees Political Action Committee) $65,000 Bob Iger
Hillary Clinton $61,240 Andrea Jung, James M Burger, Angela Ahrendts, Rita S Lane, Tim Cook, Bob Iger, Karen Cator, Millard S Drexler, Eric E Schmidt, Steve Jurvetson, Lisa Jackson, David J Barram, Arthur D Levinson, Al Gore
John Kerry $58,330 James M Burger, Joel M Podolny, Millard S Drexler, Al Gore, Steve Wozniak, David J Barram, Steve Jurvetson, Bob Iger, Charles N Charnas, Susan M Schmidt, Scott Forstall, Peter C Stern, Eric E Schmidt
Dianne Feinstein $56,900 Eric E Schmidt, Daniel Cooperman, Bob Iger, Millard S Drexler, Arthur D Levinson, Dr Ronald D Sugar
Dscc Non-Federal Individuals $56,250 Millard S Drexler, Steve Jobs
Jerry Brown $54,400 Eric E Schmidt
Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools $50,000 Bob Iger
ActBlue $44,700 Steve Jurvetson, Bob Iger
Barbara Boxer $43,200 Charles N Charnas, Scott Forstall, Donald J Rosenberg, Bob Iger, Millard S Drexler, Eric E Schmidt
Obama Victory Fund 2012 $40,800 Sina Tamaddon, Bob Iger